Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 Ingredients For Creating Your Miracle

2 Ingredients For
Creating Your Miracle

Today, God wants to tell you, "Child, I have given you the capacity to create
your miracles. I merely supply the raw materials. But you manufacture the
miracles that you need."
Today, you will learn how to create your miracles.

Cockroaches In A Retreat Houses

Many years ago, when I was still young and handsome (now, I'm just
irresistible), I gave a retreat to a bunch of female college students.

While preparing for my talks in my bedroom, a regular-sized cockroach flew in
and buzzed around the ceiling. I didn't know why I did this, but I found myself
pointing my finger to it and commanded, "In Jesus name, come down and die!"
In a second, I saw the insect hit an invisible wall and it came crashing
down on the hard floor, dead as a stone.
Suddenly, I felt powerful.
I lifted my pointer finger to my lips and blew the imaginary smoke.
A few minutes later, I was preaching to an enthusiastic crowd of young
female college students.
Remember the cockroach I "killed" in my room?
Without warning, the grandfather of that bug came into the seminar room, seeking


It was huge and menacing.
You can just imagine the dramatic effect this had on an all-women audience. They

were busy ducking for shelter and hiding beneath desks, and my talk was quickly
losing much of its appeal.
I remembered what I did in my room a few minutes ago.
I wondered if I should do the same thing—command it to die.
But this was different.
I was alone in my room then; Now, I was in front of people.
What if nothing will happen?
But I was 19 years old, brash and brave.
So in front of everyone, I pointed my finger to the flying beast and

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