Monday, September 20, 2010

How You Can Be A Blessing-Magnet

How You Can Be A

The Bible says, "Be thankful in all circumstances."
You see, some people put "conditions" to their happiness:
I'll be thankful if I find a boyfriend who is as cute as Enchong and has
the body of Derek.
I'll be thankful if my husband changes.
I'll be thankful if my friend apologizes to me.
I'll be thankful if I get promoted in my job.
I'll be thankful if I have a baby.
I'll be thankful if I graduate from school.
I'll be thankful if I buy a new cellphone.
Friend, don't do that. Don't be unfair to yourself!
Or you'll never be happy.
Don't wait for something to happen before you become thankful. Make a decision
to be thankful for the blessings that you have right now!
And you'll be happy forever.
Follow Psalms 77:11 when it says, I will remember your great deeds, Lord; I will

recall the wonders you did in the past.
Do you know what will happen?
By being thankful, you'll become a blessing magnet.
If you want to increase your blessings, you've got to be thankful for the
blessings that are already there.
Being Thankful Is Dynamite
Being thankful is powerful.
It has explosive power.
When you're thankful, you unlock your happiness. You unlock your peace. You
unlock the storeroom of God's blessings. And you unlock your wealth.
Let me explain.
Wealth is not your money. Wealth is not your land. Wealth is not your
jewelry. Why? Because wealth is a feeling.
Because wealth is not measured by how much money you have. Or how much land you
own. Or how much jewelry you possess. Wealth is measured by how thankful you

Let me tell you a story.
Two years ago, a man came up to me, asking for prayers.
Irritation was written all over his face.
With much anger, he said, "Please pray for me, Brother Bo. My heart is so
heavy. I'm a salesman. I got P350,000 in commission…"
I looked at him in a funny way. I wondered, So what's so bad about that?
He shakes his head, "I know that seems big, Brother Bo, but it should have been
P500,000! But I didn't reach my quota by just a few pesos. Because of that
technicality, I didn't get half a million. I got P350,000 only…"
He felt so bad.
I prayed over him and asked God to heal his hurt.
After praying for him, I went backstage.
A friend of mine was waiting for me there.
When I saw her, she was smiling from ear to ear. She said, "Bo, I'm so happy. I
just received a P3000 increase in my salary!"
I began to laugh. Her gratitude was so refreshing.
Tell me. Who was richer among the two? The one who got P350,000? Or the
one who got the P3000?
Answer: The one who got the P3000.
Because wealth is not measured by how much money you have. It's measured by how
thankful you are.

Be Thankful Even When It's Difficult
I know.
Some of you might be saying, "But Bo, it's so difficult to be thankful
now. You don't know what I'm going through. My problems are over my head."
Perhaps you're buried in debt.
Perhaps your relationships are broken.
Perhaps sickness is ravaging your body.
Friend, if you want more miracles in your life, you've got to be thankful

not only for what you see, but for what you do not see.
Being thankful in all circumstances means penetrating the physical realm
and going into the spiritual realm. Entering into the sphere of the
invisible. And thanking God that He is working behind the shadows. That He is
working behind the storms of your life.
I remember the story of my friend, Aiai de las Alas.
Is It Storming In Your Life?
She was telling me how nervous she was when her first major movie was
about to be released—the first movie where she was the main star.
Before it's opening day, she prayed to God that it wouldn't rain. So that

a lot of people will watch her movie. She even went to Baclaran, knelt down, and

implored that there be no rain.
When she woke up on her movie's opening day, it wasn't raining. She
looked out the window and it was storming!
She switched on the radio. The radio reporter said, "Today, Pagasa has
declared Signal Number 3 over Metro Manila…"
Her heart sunk. That day, Aiai cried buckets of tears. She asked God why
He didn't answer her prayer. She felt abandoned by God.
But a few days later, she learned what really happened. Because of the
storm, school was cancelled. And all the students went to the malls. And just on

the opening day, her movie grossed P13 Million.
And her movie became the top grossing film of that year!
The storm became her biggest blessing.
Friend, are there violent storms raging in your life right now?
Don't give up. Don't lose hope. Because God will turn that storm into
your biggest blessing.
Let me end with one last instruction on being thankful…
Being Thankful On Credit
This is big.
This will impact your life in a powerful way.
Awhile ago, I told you to be thankful for the blessings that you already
have. But you also have to learn to be thankful for the blessings that are yet
to come.
Instead of praying with fear, "Lord, please give me a house. Please give me a
house. Please give me house!" say instead with confidence, "Lord, I thank you
for my house that is on it's way!"
Thank God in advance for what He will do.
In the words of T.D. Jakes, Thank God on credit. (In other words, may utang pa
si Lord sa iyo.)
Start thanking God in advance for the fulfillment of your dreams!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez
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