Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don’t Deteriorate; You Can Keep Growing!

        My mother is 84 years old and she hasn’t stopped learning.
       On her desk is a huge pile of books.
       She still loves to read.
Obviously, she’ll tell you that all other books pale in comparison to
the books I write. (Hehe.) She is, after all, the Founder, Chairman,
and President of Bo’s Fans Club International.
But she doesn’t just read.
Last week, she was watching TV and asked me, “Bo, come, listen to this.”
I sat beside her and we watched EWTN together.
EWTN is a Catholic channel from the US and she loves listening to
profound lectures there. Fantastic.
I’m amazed that at 84, she hasn’t stopped learning.
I hope that when I reach her age, I’ll be like her too.

Do You Prioritize Your Growth?

       I believe growth is a choice you need to make it daily.
       Deterioration is easy. You don’t have to do anything to
deteriorate. Automatically, you’ll deteriorate, decay, and die.
This is the reason why I read 3 to 4 books a week.
       I also love listening to talks, seminars, coaches, and mentors.
       Can you imagine how much money I spend on books, audio
seminars, and mentoring programs each month? Let me give you a clue:
It’s the biggest part of my monthly budget. Bigger than food. Bigger
than clothes. Bigger than equipment. I invest in my intellectual
       But the investment is all worth it.
Believe me.
I’ve grown spiritually, emotionally, and financially.
I invite you to keep learning. It’s the secret to expanding your world.
       In many issues of Soulfood, I invite you to various ways of
learning and growing. Today, check out these events…

1.Achieve Financial Freedom; Join my “How To Be Truly Rich Seminar”on August 7.
Many of my friends who are now enjoying financially freedom began
their journey to freedom in my powerful seminar. I give the How To Be
Truly Rich Seminar as a private seminar to companies. I charge
P8,000++ per participant. But because I want to help more people and
help them attain financial freedom, I open this to the public for only
P497 per person—just to cover basic fees for the venue, audio system,
etc. But you have to sign up quickly. Sign up right away because seats
are limited. For more information, click here now.

2.Learn How To Create Your Wealth; Join my Truly Rich Financial
Coaching Program on August 13 and 14.
These intensive two whole days will open your eyes to how ordinary
people become wealthy. You’ll learn how my mentors and I invest in the
Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, and Business. This program
has changed the financial lives of many people. I still get awed by
the stories of past attendees of this program how they grew their
wealth after applying the practical steps of my Truly Rich Financial
Coaching Program. Limited seats only. Sign up now. For more
information, click here now.

3.Earn Money From Home In Cebu—August 13, 14, and 15
My internet Guru Jomar Hilario is giving two Seminars/Workshops in
Cebu. The first one is called "How to Work From Home as a Virtual
Assistant" Seminar on August 13 at the Maxwell Hotel. If you like
working from home, this might be for you. Check out the world of a
Virtual Assistant. Or personal internet assistant. For more
information, click here now.
And for those who want to sell online, set up their own internet
business, or earn through blogging, this workshop is for you:
“Internet Marketing Hands On Workshop” on August 14 to 15 at Emall,
Cebu.  Very sorry, only 27 participants will be allowed to join this
Hands-On Workshop. For more information, click here now.

       May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez

PS. Live Too Far And Can’t Attend These Events? I have an online club
that thousands have joined already and are making them grow in their
financial life. It’s my TrulyRichClub.   You’ll learn in the comfort
of your home. A few months ago, I taught Gold Members how to invest in
the Stock Market. Tomorrow, I’ll be sending my Stocks Update to my
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