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World No-Tobacco Day 2010
May 30, 2010, 4:27pm

A World Health Organization (WHO) report titled “Women and Health:
Today’s Evidence, Tomorrow’s Agenda” reveals that the number of female
smokers is fast increasing. Recognizing the importance of controlling
women’s and girls’ addiction to tobacco, this year’s celebration of
World No-Tobacco Day centers on the theme “Gender and Tobacco with an
Emphasis on Marketing to Women.”

The celebration highlights the need for close to 170 Parties to the
World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco
Control to ban all tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship in
accordance with their constitutions or constitutional principles.

The Convention, which took effect in 2005, expressed alarm over “the
increase in smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption by women
and young girls worldwide.” Although this year’s campaign will focus
on tobacco marketing to women, it will also include the need to
protect boys and men from tobacco companies’ business tactics.

Men and women alike need to be aware of effects of tobacco use and
abuse. They need equal protection from gendered advertising and
marketing schemes and gender-specific tobacco products.

Equally important is protecting them from secondhand smoke and
occupational exposure to tobacco and nicotine.

May 31 every year is celebrated as World No-Tobacco Day to heighten
public awareness of the hazards of tobacco use and abuse, educate the
public on the marketing and business strategies employed by the
tobacco industry, and spread the message about the WHO initiatives for
anti-tobacco campaign.

The day’s activities worldwide will endeavor to promote a healthy
lifestyle among people, especially the young, and introduce ways to
protect future generations from tobacco abuse. Initially observed on
April 7, 1987, as “World No-Smoking Day,” World No-Tobacco Day began
to be celebrated annually on May 31 in 1988, pursuant to World Health
Assembly resolutions.

Let us protect our people, particularly our women and girls, from
being lured by tobacco advertisement and marketing strategies into a
lifetime of nicotine dependence. It is imperative that tobacco control
policies and measures take into consideration gender norms,
differences, and responses to tobacco to reduce tobacco use and arrest
the incidence of tobacco-related diseases and deaths worldwide.

We reiterate the message of WHO Director-General Margaret Chan that
“protecting and promoting the health of women is crucial to health and
development – not only for the citizens of today but also for those of
future generations.”

Let us endeavor to “Make every day World No-Tobacco Day.”

Smoking is dangerous to your health. Quit smoking and live longer!

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