Monday, May 17, 2010

Be True To Yourself

Be True To Yourself

Be true to how God made you.
Don’t try to be someone else.
Be the best that you can ever become.
Or else, Cherie Gil’s words will describe you (from an old Sharon
Cuneta movie): “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard,
Friend, God created you with a special gift.  And only you can give
this gift to the world.  If you don’t become true to yourself, if you
don’t give this gift to the world, the world becomes a lesser place.
Love yourself.  Celebrate yourself.  Be yourself.
Be true to how God created you.
In other words, follow your heart.
Follow your path.
Follow your calling.
Follow your destiny.
Unfortunately, very few people encouraged us to do this.

“Why Don’t You Become Like Ate?”

       The opposite is true.
Some of us grew up being compared to others.
       Some of us grew up hearing these words:

            (To continue reading Bo's inspiring article, click here.)

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PS3. Leadership Training Seminar for the Youth.  This leadership
seminar focuses on authentic character building – having a heart for
God is what true leadership is all about. The activities will help
discover, develop, and deliver the gifts of the young. Techniques to
reach out to other young people will also be shared. Empowering the
youth always works!  In this leadership seminar the different issues
of the young people will be tackled like: Choosing the Right Path of
Life (iChoose), Using Me dia and Technology (Hi-Tech), Being in a
Romantic Relationship (Love Smart) and Enjoying Life with God
(D.E.E.P.)  It’ll be on May 22, Saturday, 8am-5pm, at San Carlos Lay
Force Guadalupe Makati.  Speakers are Kerygma Preachers and Feast
Builders Arun Gogna and Obet Cabrillas.  Your learning investment is
P450 only if you register early.  Call Noel at Tel (02) 9852447 (02)
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