Monday, March 15, 2010

Duplicate Yourself To Duplicate Your Income from BO SANCCHEZ SOULFOOD NEWSLETTER

Duplicate Yourself To Duplicate Your Income

Why do people not grow?
One of the reasons why you've remained stagnant is because you haven't duplicated yourself.
You haven't followed the Law of Duplication.
But duplication is everywhere.
Nature is based on duplication.
Just look around you and you'll find it at work.
Once upon a time, there was only Mom and Dad.
But they fell in love, walked down the aisle, and they decided to duplicate. So they gave birth to five average children and one exceptional child. (Who is that exceptional child? I won't say.)
And then these six children duplicated themselves too.
So far, my parents have eight lovely grandkids too.
God created the Law of Duplication.

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