Monday, March 24, 2008

God's Message For You Today, March 24, 2008

Suddenly Jesus met them. "Greetings," he said. – Matthew 28:9a
As the gust of the autumn breeze brushes the trees, brown dead leaves fall from their branches. Except those of the mighty oak tree. Its rotting leaves continue to stubbornly cling on to the branches — even through winter — long after all the other trees around are barren and twiggy. But a miraculous thing happens though when spring comes. Fresh shoots of leaves emerge from the branches, pushing out the rotten leaves. What the external forces couldn't do, the life from within accomplishes!
        In the original text, "Greetings!" in today's reading should have been more accurately translated to the more familiar "Hello!" Or better yet, "Haller!"
        Hellos always start something, either a phone conversation or a new friendship. God's promise in His word says "Behold, I will make all things new." Maybe that's why Jesus said "Hello!"
        The message of Easter Power is what New Year's resolutions, self-help books, psychology techniques and nagging wives couldn't do, the new life from within — through the resurrection of Jesus — could! It's so personal, and it's for me, because of "Hello!" Jon Escoto
Have there been "ugly dead leaves" of sin that still cling so stubbornly in your life? Leave them all behind at the empty tomb. Live out this new life.
Lord, You rose from the dead for us. Let me not forget that You did it personally for me too. Hello Jesus! Make me new!

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