Thursday, September 06, 2007

Apple Releases New Line of iPod

Yup, u read it ryt, apple jst ann0unced d release of their new line of iPod. N0w, ipod nano boast of its new sleek design and features a wider display that can support videos, wow! This is amazing.
Ipod classic disc0ntinued d producti0n of its 30Gb. Instead, dey introduce d new 80Gb and 160Gb m0dels, sleeker and a lot m0re r0om for all your multimedia c0ntent, surely, ds new ipod will never let u decide which s0ngs or m0vies to be added!
And finally, hold ur breath! The new iPod Touch, a touch screen ipod jst like the iphone, ds is really great, plus ds ipod features wifi access, meaning u can surf the net, download s0ngs and m0vies, access ur email and a lot m0re on ur ipod itself, wow man, this means dat im n0w thinkng of a new ipod again!

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