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Bora-bora sa costabella, summer outing of aboitizland group. I'm in my all white outfit!

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Go0d m0rning! Hapi thursday to all, anyone seen 'pirates of the caribbean'?

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Me, myself, and my iPod at my new work, kinda strange here, still adjusting to the people around here.

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At last i have my own ipod, hehehe, it's ipod 80G 5th generation. Hehehe, so far ive used 3G of files already. Music and m0vies c0me together neatly in one c0mpact gadget.

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LOVE &RELATNSHP 101: there's always a posiblity dat a prs0n cn get attractd 2 an0thr.8s human nature.8s n0t wr0ng.Bt dats y a prs0n s in a c0mmitment, to dscipline 0ne's self.0ne may get attractd 2 numer0us pr0spects& 8s ok, as long as one d0esnt nurse d feling& w0nt do sumthng b0ut it. B0rderline betwn cheatng &faithfulnes. Rec0gnize d reality of already having d pers0n dat cn giv M0RE dan wat one cn get frm d CHEAP thrills of attracti0n..

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Philippine TV Ratings May 16, 2007



SIS 9.8

hb 12.5


gknb 19.7


ww 21.2


idt 11.0

MULI 13.7

kc 16.1



psy 9.6


hnm 10.7

24RAS 28.3

tvpw 22.0


mfdl 24.7

wk 23.6


mskm 23.3

LUPIN 32.5

rounin 17.7


pbb 23.5

NUTS 14.4

bandila 12.3

Richard Gomez, Cesar Montano, Manny Pacquiao... the philippine midterm election

so far with the reuslt of the midterm elections, its nice to now that the mindset of the voters is growing and we could see that we have learned from past elections. its nice to see that popularity is not a factor in choosing an official. im glad that Manny Pacquiao did not make it to congress hehehe... i would pity him if he made it.... he would just be tagged as a rubber stamp congressman... also for Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano, at least now they have to know doing their homework first would be better to pass their grades hehehe... at least the electorate now is improving in choosing their leaders.

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Thanks from Dr. Martin Bautista ... article from

as i surf thru the website of, i found this somewhat interesting. its nice to know a politician like this one... nice to ponder....

Thanks from Dr. Martin Bautista

Last updated 05:04pm (Mla time) 05/16/2007

The election is over. It’s time to examine and explain my participation in it to both skeptics and sympathizers alike.

I gave up a flourishing medical practice in America, joined
Kapatiran and ran for the Senate because I wanted not merely to prove a
point, but to live by it.

And the point is this: we can change our country, help our people –
not by talking or theorizing but by actually doing something about it.
One cannot simply make a statement. He must apply it in his life by
example, by involvement, by action. Our political campaign was such a

Did we succeed? We did not get enough votes for a seat in the
Senate. But we did get the attention of the electorate and, more
importantly, we made people aware of alternative solutions, better
political options.

We demonstrated that it is possible to conduct an open, honest, vigorous campaign on programs, not personalities.

We showed that there is no need for false promises, political
gimmickry, immoderate spending; but that there is a need for continuing
communication, defending and justifying our positions and priorities.

Our fundamental premise is this: Politics is not a means of
livelihood. It is not an economic investment that will pay off in
future material gain. Politics is a way of giving, of sharing, of
helping. It is not soliciting support but providing it. It is not about
rendering service in the Senate when elected, but rendering service
now, in the present, in this time and place, in one's capacity as a
candidate, a citizen, a Filipino of compassion.

If we have redefined politics in the Philippines even in a small,
tentative way, then we have been fully recompensed for our efforts. The
accomplishments of our greatest heroes cannot be judged in the
simplistic terms of triumph or defeat. Like Burgos, Gomez and Zamora,
the Kapatiran candidates won no instant victory. But they achieved a
beginning, advanced the cause for reform, and awakened a hope that such
reform is possible.

A personal note of accountability: We received donations from many
sectors of society. Added to our own private contribution to the
campaign, the total amount exceeded our modest campaign expenses. The
balance we shall turn over to Gawad Kalinga in accordance with our
conviction that politics is not an enterprise for profit.

Finally I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to all the men and
women of goodwill who stand with us in the common belief in a Filipino

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

Martin D. Bautista, MD
forwarded by Rachelle C. Garcia (

Precious vote ... from YOUNGBLOOD of


Precious vote

By Mark Anthony Goroy


Last updated 02:56am (Mla time) 05/17/2007

Philippines -- My luck has run out. For the first time in my university
life, I have flunked a subject. Fluid Mechanics should have been a
cinch, given the other tougher subjects I was able to pass during my
five years in the university. But taking the subject lightly proved too
costly for me. Not only did it blemish my transcript, it was also a
blow to my ego since most students get grades of 1 in the subject with
minimal effort.

Enrolling in the summer class was the obvious remedy. However, I
already had given my word that I would volunteer in a social outreach
program in Davao during the summer vacation. I just hoped I made the
right choice to honor my commitment.

It was the first time I stayed in a far-flung “barangay”
[neighborhood district] of Davao City. The place is a typical barrio
where farm animals roam freely and houses are built far apart. I was
with a group of three teachers and 13 college students who stayed there
for two weeks. Our task involved conducting academic tutorials, holding
leadership seminars for the youth, assisting a medical mission,
organizing a sports fest and laying a 650-meter-long pipe from the
water source to the barangay hall.

We thought that our main objective of laying pipes would be “as easy
as laying eggs,” as one student volunteer had joked. But we city
dwellers were dead wrong. Digging proved to be an arduous task
especially since most of us were doing it for the first time and many
of us didn’t even know how to handle a spade. The scorching summer heat
aggravated the situation. It was so hot that a mere ice candy tasted as
delicious as a Roman gelato.

In digging the soil, we came to know not only the nature of manual
work but also the difficulty encountered by people who construct roads
or lay down water pipes or wait on us while we eat or those who try to
keep our streets clean, etc. Doing their kind of work, I learned to
appreciate them more. It made me resolve to be patient when I can’t
have my way with them. It made me realize that they are not supermen
who can do anything we want them to do.

We got to know the members of the families we were helping. One was
Mang Edwin who has three children with his wife of 12 years. They live
in a house that is just big enough for an SUV to fit in.

Their apparent poverty didn’t keep them from sharing their joy when
we visited them. From their hospitality and engaging stories, we got
the impression that they feel more fulfilled than other well-off
families who live empty, materialistic lives. Their only wish is that
their children will be able to finish their education and grow up as
upright citizens.

Idealism rushed through my veins while I was conversing with Mang
Edwin and his family. I wished I could do more than lay pipes for their
barangay. I felt helpless. I could do little more than cheer them up
for a few minutes of the day. But my encounter with them made me more
grateful for the things I have and inspired me to think of ways I could
help them.

After reflecting on the situation, I realized that there was
something I could do to help alleviate their condition: I could do it
by voting prudently. In our society where most politicians become lords
instead of public servants once they get elected, the poor are the most
powerless. Their requests usually fall on deaf ears. It is therefore
every citizen’s responsibility to elect someone who will take up the
causes of the poor.

In one conference that I attended, a former governor revealed that
he had once been offered at least a million pesos every month simply
because of his position. The proposition was very tempting but he said
he never accepted the offer.

I can’t imagine too many of our government officials rejecting
similar offers. No wonder, many of them think every government post is
worth dying for despite the meager salary it brings.

There is only one characteristic that I look for in a candidate for
public office: his willingness to sacrifice. Latin honors, professional
competence and immense popularity are of no use in public service if an
official will pursue his own personal interests. I would rather have
someone who is willing to make enemies rather than make compromises
that do not promote the public interest. The candidates who are worthy
of support are those who have the fortitude to pursue the common good
even if it means inconvenience, struggle or even sacrifices on their
part and who work for the public interest and not their personal glory.

We volunteered to help Mang Edwin’s barangay but in the end we were
the ones who benefited most. Not only were we offered after a hard
day’s work the best coconut I have ever tasted, but our stay with the
rural folks also taught us things we could have not learned inside a
classroom or through mere observation alone. The experience changed my
perspective on life and the way we choose our leaders. I used to think
that my one vote would be too insignificant to have an effect on the
outcome of the election and that it didn’t matter who won since their
action or lack of it would not affect my life. But now, I consider my
one vote precious for it could help provide a glimmer of hope to people
like Mang Edwin.

I believe I made the right choice in volunteering for community work
in Mang Edwin’s barangay. And I hope every voter will choose his
candidates like I do in every election.

Mark Anthony S. Goroy, 22, is a fifth-year Bachelor of
Science Industrial Engineering student at the University of the
Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be
published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Philippine TV Ratings May 13-15, 2007

Narito ang overnight
ratings ng mga programa ng GMA 7 at ABS-CBN 2 noong
(Mayo 13):

SOP% 16.1 vs. ASAP 15.6% at
Your Song 11.7%;

Magic Kamison 13.4% vs.
Lovespell 12.4%;

Showbiz Central 14% vs. The
Buzz 16.2% at TV Patrol Linggo 14.4%;

Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang
16.4% vs. Goin’ Bulilit 15.2%;

24 Oras 20.1% vs. Rated K

Philippine Agenda 21.9% at
Mel and Joey 20.3% vs. Sharon 14.2%;

All Star K 17.1% vs. Pinoy
Big Brother 18.2%;

Daddy Di Do Du 15.4% vs.
Halalan 2007 7.8%.

LUNES (Mayo 14):

Eleksyon 2007 10.3% vs.
Halalan 2007 7.9%;

Eat Bulaga 20.2% vs.
Wowowee 21.2% at Game Ka Na Ba 18%;

Eleksyon 2007 15.3% vs.
Halalan 2007 11.5%;

24 Oras 29.8% vs. TV Patrol
World 24.9%;

Asian Treasures 30.1% vs.
Maria Flordeluna 26.2% at Walang Kapalit 25%;

Super Twins 30.9% vs.
Maging Sino Ka Man 22%;

Lupin 30.4% vs. Rounin

Jumong 23.8% vs. Pinoy Big
Brother 19.4%;

Who’s Your Daddy Now
12.6% vs. Bandila 10.1%.

MARTES (Mayo 15):

Eleksyon 2007 8.6% vs.
Halalan 2007 8.2% at Game Ka Na Ba 17.7%;

Eat Bulaga 18.7% vs.
Wowowee 20.9%;

Daisy Siete 18.9% vs.
Inocente De Ti 10.9%;

Muli 16.3% at Sinenovela
14.7% vs. Kapamilya Cinema 12.4%;

Love Truly 12% vs. Pangako
Sa Yo 8.2%;

Hana Yori Dango 15.6% vs.
Sineserye 12.6%;

24 Oras 29% vs. TV Patrol

Asian Treasures 31.4% vs.
Maria Flordeluna 25.1% at Walang Kapalit 21.9%;

Super Twins 33% vs. Maging
Sino Ka Man 22.8%;

Lupin 32.8% vs. Rounin

Jumong 24.8% vs. Pinoy Big
Brother 22.1%;

Bahay Mo Ba ‘To 15.3% vs.
Bandila 11.6%.

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Philippine TV Ratings May 11-12, 2007

Sa The Buzz lang nagsalita si Ruffa, kaya mataas ito na may rating na 16.2% at sinundan ng Startalk (15.6%) at Showbiz Central (14%).

Narito ang overnight ratings ng mga programa ng GMA 7 at ABS CBN 2 noong BIYERNES: (Mayo 11):

SiS 9% vs. Homeboy 8.2%;

Love in Heaven 12% vs. Game Ka Na Ba 19.1%;

Eat Bulaga 19.8% vs. Wowowee 22%;

Daisy Siete 17.6% vs. Inocente De Ti 13.4%;

Muli 16.8% at Sinenovela 14.6% vs. Kapamilya Cinema 14.3%;

Love Truly 12.5% vs. Pangako sa 'Yo 9.8%;

Hana Yori Dango 18% vs. Sineserye 14%;

24 Oras 26.5% vs. TV Patrol World 23.8%;

Asian Treasures 28.2% vs. Maria Flordeluna 25.1% at Walang Kapalit 24.4%;

Super Twins 26.1% vs. Maging Sino Ka Man 23.2% at Rounin 18.9%;

Lupin 31.3% vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya 25.3%;

Jumong 25.9% at Bubble Gang 14% vs. Pinoy Big Brother 19% at Bandila 8.9%.

SABADO (Mayo 12):

Takeshi's Castle 12.9% vs. Game Ka Na Ba 14.4%;

Eat Bulaga 19.7% vs. Wowowee 22.5%;

Startalk 15.6% vs. Nagmamahal Kapamilya 14.3%, Let's Go 9.6% at Star Magic Presents 10.6%;

Wish Ko Lang 15.3% vs. Little Big Superstar 12.2%; Fantastikman 12.2% vs. Komiks 18.3%;

Bitoy's Funniest Video 23.4% vs. John En Shirley 14.2%;

24 Oras 23.4% vs. TV Patrol 19.4%;

Pinoy Pop Superstar 17.6% vs. XXX 24.5%;

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho 20.6% vs. Pinoy Big Brother 20%;

Imbestigador 17.1% vs. Bumoto Kami Noon, Boboto Ba Kayo Ngayon 7.8%;

Hokus Pokus 9.5% vs. Sports Unlimited 3.9%.

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the midterm elections

since I'm not registered to vote this midterm elections, still i do care for the future of the Philippines what will happen to my future kids, my life with my future wife. i hope that the voting populace will already correct what mistakes have they done last elections. our country today needs new breed of politics, let us scrap all the "trapos" or the so called traditional politicians, I'm not either supporting the "team unity" or the "genuine opposition" straight but some of them deserve to be in the senate. please do vote for new and fresh faces either from the admin or the opposition. plus, select carefully what partylist you area going to vote, let us refrain from choosing groups that are so subversive and with radical ideologies. let us see from a wider perspective a group that has a positive outlook for the Philippine government.

Perfect mom... from YOUNGBLOOD of


Perfect mom
By Divine Love A. Salvador
Last updated 02:55am (Mla time) 05/12/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- My mother was up early that Sunday morning cooking food for 30 people. She had celebrated her birthday a few days earlier, so the pastor of the small church she and my father were attending requested her to cook lunch for the post-service fellowship. Apparently, that was the pastor's idea of a birthday gift -- a strange one -- but my mother did not seem to mind.

When I woke up, she was well into cooking the first of two viands on her menu, "giniling," or ground pork, potatoes, carrots and raisins stewed in a proudly Filipino combination of 1 part tomato sauce, 10 parts ketchup. The pot was already simmering and the sauce was beginning to thicken as I made my way downstairs, still sleepy but determined to offer my mother some help.

I had been strangely anxious about her latest project. For some unexplained reason, I did not feel that my mother was up to the task. Two nights before, I had badgered her about the lack of a menu. I could see in her eyes that she wasn't bothered by it, and that alarmed me. Cooking for 30 potentially judgmental Baptists wasn't adding a wrinkle to her remarkably smooth 50-something face. She assured me she already had a simple menu planned: giniling, which she was going to cook, and chicken lollipops, ordered from her caterer-friend.

The fact that she was going to cook only one viand eased my discomfort somewhat. Until the next day, when she announced that her friend was out of town. It meant my mother was going to have to wing the chicken wings.

That was why I was up earlier than usual that morning, ready to be the wind beneath her wings. But my mother was already flying high all by herself. She had everything under control; there was no need for wind. The robust, meaty smell that greeted my nose as I went into the kitchen told me the giniling was going to be a hit. The chicken wings were already breaded and waiting for the oil to heat, and the rice was already cooked white and fluffy. All I had to do was make the "sawsawan" [sauce] for the chicken, which I did with much gladness and no small amount of relief.

An hour later, the wings were fried and arranged on a large serving dish. There was even an extra plateful. My mother had cooked as if a great famine was going to sweep across the land. She had pulled through. Without breaking into much of a sweat, she was able to cook enough food for 30 Baptists, with something extra for her family.

So instead of helping my mother, what I did was become a kid again, sitting in the kitchen, greasing up my mouth and fingers with my mom's crispy, crunchy chicken lollipops. All the while, I gushed to my sister about what a culinary genius our mom was. "She didn't need my help," I crowed. "She did it all by herself." I sounded not unlike mothers who are seeing their babies walk unaided for the first time.

Later, I would find out from my father that the Baptists also loved the food. All judgments were positive, all comments glowing.

As I sat at the table, licking my chicken-flavored fingers, chicken bones littering the space in front of me, I wondered why I ever doubted my mother's skill and panache. It's not like cooking for 30 Baptists was the hardest thing she had ever done in her life. Yet, somehow, I had forgotten the various feats of parenting she had performed to raise three willful, independent, slightly smart, and therefore considerably condescending daughters. This was my mother who, among other things taught us the difference between the "p" and the "f" sounds (a difficulty for many Filipinos), cooked the best chicken macaroni "sopas" [soup], and even made ham and "tocino" [sweetened red meat] herself instead of buying them in the market.

When I was younger, such doubts would never have entered my mind. My heart would have told my mind to believe and my mind would have done so. But I am not as young as I used to be. I carry inside me almost three decades' worth of questions and the illusion that at least some of these have answers. The thing with asking questions, though, is that it requires an admission of the temporality of suppositions. What we believe today flies in the face of what we held true yesterday. Certainty is a ship with holes trying, nevertheless, to stay afloat in a sea of ambiguity.

It is not that I know more than I did when I was younger. It is that I doubt more and, therefore, believe less. In the case of my mother, it had been a long time since I took her word without checking with other sources. Like all children, I started out believing firmly that there wasn't much she couldn't do. Not that I thought she was perfect, but I never thought she was imperfect. Her imperfections existed, yes, but they did so outside of my mind and, therefore, they never crossed it. The end result was the same: my mother, as with all mothers, might as well have been perfect. Her word always seemed final.

But like all children, I got older and started to grow my own mind. The illusion of maternal perfection gradually dissolved to reveal my mother as just another flawed human like myself, and her word as just another hypothesis to be tested.

There are times when I wonder how it must be like to be a mother. (I am not one, and I probably won't be for a while.) What I imagine is that motherhood is an exercise in heartbreak. Human development proceeds from a state of relative ignorance and innocence to one of (at least ostensible) knowledge and awareness. It is the gradual replacement of wonder with unbelief, awe with indifference. The heart thrives on people's ability to be pleased. We begin our lives with this ability but we lose it steadily as we learn more, know more. Knowledge is power, the power to be fastidious. And the fastidious mind breaks hearts.

To be a mother, then, is to be the object of opinions that are bound to change. The evolution of Mother, from the child's changing perspective, is from one who can do no wrong to one who can do no right. From supreme repository of all worldly knowledge to hack who knows nothing about Me and the Stuff I Am Going Through. Motherhood, I realize, is an inevitable fall from grace.

And yet, watching my mother work her culinary magic that Sunday, I also realized that evolution does not preclude reverting to earlier ways of seeing and believing -- at least for a while. Maybe magic exists outside the natural imperative to grow up and to mature. Maybe the fastidious mind can still open itself up a little -- and be pleased, after all.

That Sunday morning, I saw my mother again through younger, easily pleased eyes. That Sunday morning, my mom could do no wrong. She did everything crispy, crunchy perfect. Just like she used to, when I believed more and doubted less, when my knowledge of her was still pure, untainted by my knowledge of anything else.

Divine Love A. Salvador, 28, is a freelance writer/editor and a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Philippine TV Ratings May 10, 2007... thanks to ABANTE-TONITE

Narito ang overnight
ratings ng mga programa ng GMA 7 at ABS-CBN 2 noong

HUWEBES (Mayo 10):

SiS 10.9% vs. Homeboy

Love in Heaven 12% vs.
Game Ka Na Ba 18.3%;

Eat Bulaga 21.9% vs.
Wowowee 23.6%;

Daisy Siete 18.8% vs.
Inocente De Ti 13.1%;

Muli 15.5% at Sinenovela
14.2% vs. Kapamilya Cinema 14.4%;

Love Truly 12.2% vs.
Pangako sa ‘Yo 11%;

Hana Yori Dango 20.4% vs.
Sineserye 15.4%;

24 Oras 27.6% vs. TV
Patrol World 23.5%;

Asian Treasures
32.1% vs. Maria Flordeluna 26.1% at Walang Kapalit 26.7%;

Super Twins 31.3% vs.
Maging Sino Ka Man 25.3%;

Lupin 32% vs. Rounin

Jumong 26.6% vs.
Pinoy Big Brother 19.5%;

Magpakailanman 16.3% vs.
Bandila 10.8%.

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My nephew during their recognition. Top 10 in their class

I'll be posting this one again... hehehe thanks Unsei for this one...

100 Things about me

001. Real name: ARLEIGH T. MACAPAGAL
002. Nickname: ARL, CHOI
003. Single or available: SINGLE
004. Zodiac sign: VIRGO
005. Male or female: MALE
009. Eye color: DONT KNOW
010. Hair color: BLACK
011. Long or short hair: SHORT
012. Shoe size: 9.5
013. Asthma? No
014. Are you health freak: A LITTLE
015. Height: 5'7"
016. Do you have a crush on someone: YES
017. Do you like yourself: YES, NARCISSISTIC NA NGA EH...
018. Piercings: A BIG NO!
019. Tattoos: A BIG NO TOO!
020. Righty or lefty: LEFTY


023. First piercing: WALA NGA EH
024. First best friend: VINCENT DELOSO
026. First sport you joined: ELEMENTARY BASEBALL


049. Eating: MCRICE BURGER
050. Drinking: ICED TEA
053. Listening to: BISAYA ROCK

058. Want kids? YES, 2-4 MAYBE
059. Want to get married? YES


068. Lips or eyes? LIPS
069. Hugs or kisses: BOTH
070. Shorter or taller: AT LEAST AN INCH SHORTER THAN ME
072. Romantic or spontaneous? SPONTANEOUS
073. Stomach or arms: STOMACH
074. Sensitive or loud: SENSITIVE
075. Hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP


078. Kissed a stranger: NONE SO FAR
080. Lost glasses/contacts: I DONT HAVE THOSE STUFFS
081. Ran away from home: DI PA NANGYAYARI
082. Broken any bones: OK PA NAMAN LAHAT
084. Broken someone's heart: YUP, BUT IM MAKING IT UP
085. Been arrested: WALA PA
086. Turned someone down: A LOT OF TIMES.
087. Cried when someone died: IM NOT A CRY BABY HEHEHE
088. Liked a friend: YES


089. Yourself: A LOT
090. Miracles: YES
091. Love at first sight: NO
092. Heaven: Yes.
094. Fairies: MAYBE
095. Kissing on the first date: YES

097. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? YES
098. Is Superman really better than Batman? I LIKE CLARK KENT MORE THAN BRUCE WAYNE
099. Have you had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time? NO
100. Do you believe in God? YES

Lazy Friday

im so tired of work...ive got severe body pains and i deserve to have a getaway...

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Our Kiss...

sarap ng kiss namin ng palangga ko...

Believe Me... you can read this...

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd

waht I was rdgnieg.
The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer
in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny
iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be

in the rghit pclae.
The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it
wouthit a porbelm.
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey
lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig
huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt!

Have A Real Nice Day

One rainy Friday... from YOUNGBLOOD of

One rainy Friday
By Adelette H. de la Paz
Last updated 01:26am (Mla time) 05/10/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- It was a rainy Friday, when I first met him. The glass windows of our office were rattling as strong winds blew and the rain sloshed angrily on the glass. He walked into the room where we were chatting impatiently while waiting for their group to arrive.

He was a ray of sunshine on that stormy day. He was smiling his cheery smile, his dimpled cheeks so enticingly romantic that I couldn't take my eyes off him. He had an aura of intelligence so very rare among the men I usually deal with. And when he approached to introduce himself to us, I knew I had already fallen for him.

When he repeated my name, he looked deep into my eyes and seemed to probe the very depths of my being. I could almost feel him exploring the corners of my mind and I shivered with the sudden awareness.

We shook hands. His were warm and dry while mine were cold and clammy. I couldn't bring myself to look again into his eyes because I was so sure he'd see how I felt. My eyes have always been expressive and I couldn't take the chance of him catching a glimpse of the turmoil inside me.

The next day, I broke up with Leo, my boyfriend of two years. I was so sure of how I felt for the other guy. My feelings for Leo paled in comparison to what I felt for him.

The breakup was not a pleasant one. Leo didn't take it calmly, which was what I expected since we already had many plans for our future together. But I was sure of my decision. I knew what I wanted and I knew who I wanted to be with. And it was not Leo.

After that, things started to develop into something more between the other guy and me. He would often look up from his table at the office and stare unknowingly at me. I would catch him watching me walk from one end of the office to another. I would feel his eyes watch my lips move whenever I spoke on the phone near his table.

Whenever he spoke to me, he would insert personal questions entirely unrelated to our topic of conversation. He wanted to know what my plans were. He wanted to know my dreams no matter how small they seemed. He wanted to know what made me happy and what made me sad. He made it his business to know my future plans and my heart's desires for reasons that were not fully clear to me then. I did not ask why he was so interested; I was sure I knew the answer.

My days were filled with stolen glimpses of him, too. I watched him speak to applicants for jobs in our company. I listened to his questions and explanations and marveled every time at the intelligence behind them. I watched him soothe the feelings of those who did not pass the rigid interviews and I wished so many times that it was me he was comforting.

My nights were no better than my days. I would think of him endlessly and could hardly sleep. I would cry hot tears of longing and in the morning, I would pretend as if nothing happened.

I knew that he knew how I felt. Our glances were unmistakable. It was hell waiting for him to come to me first and confess his feelings. It was torture having him near when I couldn't express fully what I felt inside. But it made me feel alive. It made me realize that I was still human, capable of loving deeply and of being hurt immensely.

It was also on a rainy Friday when everything came apart for me. That day, his wife and son came to our office to fetch him.

I almost fainted in surprise and dismay when I realized that he already had his little family. I didn't know. My feelings for him left no space for the thought that he might not be free to love another. In the little imaginary world I had created for us, there was no one else but him and me.

I let go completely after that, painfully turning down his tempting offer of an extra-marital affair. It's not that I didn't want him, it was more because I cared for him too much to let him ruin his family life. I couldn't hold on anymore, anyway. There was so much he didn't say, so much he had left unknown. The thread that bound him and me was so thin and flimsy. As e.e. cummings once wrote, "Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands."

Adelette H. de la Paz, 28, is a recruitment coordinator at a private firm.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Obong Spring, Dalaguete, Cebu

100 Things About Me

001. Real name: ARLEIGH T. MACAPAGAL
002. Nickname: ARL, CHOI
003. Single or available: SINGLE
004. Zodiac sign: VIRGO
005. Male or female: MALE
009. Eye color: DONT KNOW
010. Hair color: BLACK
011. Long or short hair: SHORT
012. Shoe size: 9.5
013. Asthma? No
014. Are you health freak: A LITTLE
015. Height: 5'7"
016. Do you have a crush on someone: YES
017. Do you like yourself: YES, NARCISSISTIC NA NGA EH...
018. Piercings: A BIG NO!
019. Tattoos: A BIG NO TOO!
020. Righty or lefty: LEFTY


023. First piercing: WALA NGA EH
024. First best friend: VINCENT DELOSO
026. First sport you joined: ELEMENTARY BASEBALL


049. Eating: MCRICE BURGER
050. Drinking: ICED TEA
053. Listening to: BISAYA ROCK

058. Want kids? YES, 2-4 MAYBE
059. Want to get married? YES


068. Lips or eyes? LIPS
069. Hugs or kisses: BOTH
070. Shorter or taller: AT LEAST AN INCH SHORTER THAN ME
072. Romantic or spontaneous? SPONTANEOUS
073. Stomach or arms: STOMACH
074. Sensitive or loud: SENSITIVE
075. Hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP


078. Kissed a stranger: NONE SO FAR
080. Lost glasses/contacts: I DONT HAVE THOSE STUFFS
081. Ran away from home: DI PA NANGYAYARI
082. Broken any bones: OK PA NAMAN LAHAT
084. Broken someone's heart: YUP, BUT IM MAKING IT UP
085. Been arrested: WALA PA
086. Turned someone down: A LOT OF TIMES.
087. Cried when someone died: IM NOT A CRY BABY HEHEHE
088. Liked a friend: YES


089. Yourself: A LOT
090. Miracles: YES
091. Love at first sight: NO
092. Heaven: Yes.
094. Fairies: MAYBE
095. Kissing on the first date: YES

097. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? YES
098. Is Superman really better than Batman? I LIKE CLARK KENT MORE THAN BRUCE WAYNE
099. Have you had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time? NO
100. Do you believe in God? YES

Today in History

Events on May 10

Nelson Mandela is inaugurated as South African President and becomes the country's first black head of state.

Winston Churchill, first lord of the admiralty, replaces Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister.

Together with his brother, Procopio, Andres Bonifacio is executed at Mt. Buntis, Maragondon, Cavite.

Famous people born on May 10



Member of the group, U2


Fred Astaire

Dancer and actor: Ziegfield Follies, Easter Parade

5.10.2007 Quote of the day

of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the
candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being
shared. -- Buddha

Today's Joke

you're stressed at home and you get a headache, do what it says on the
aspirin bottle: Take two and keep away from the children.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Philippine TV Ratings May 6-7, 2007

Narito ang overnight
ratings ng mga programa ng GMA 7 at ABS-CBN 2 noong
(Mayo 6):

SOP 10.9% vs. ASAP 14.3%;

Magic Kamison 12.6% vs.
Love Spell 10%;

Showbiz Central 8.5% vs.
The Buzz 15.2%;

Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang
9.3% vs. TV Patrol Linggo 22.3%;

Philippine Agenda 14% vs.
Goin’ Bulilit 22.9%;

Mel and Joey 17.6% vs.
Rated K 21%;

All Star K 18.2% vs. Sharon

Daddy Di Do Du 13.5% vs.
Pinoy Big Brother 19.7%;

Isang Tanong 17.6% vs.
Sunday’s Best 7.8%.

LUNES (Mayo 7):

SiS 10.9% vs. Homeboy 8.3%;

LIH 10.9 vs. Game Ka Na Ba

Eat Bulaga 19.1 vs. Wowowee

Daisy Siete 15.9 vs.
Inocente De Ti 13.9;

Muli 13.1 at Sinenovela
13.3 vs. Kapamilya Cinema 11.9;

Love Truly 12 vs. Pangako
sa ‘Yo 9.7;

Hana Yori Dango 19.1 vs.
Sineserye 13.4;

24 Oras 26.3 vs. TV Patrol
World 23.5;

Asian Treasures 27.1 vs.
Maria Flordeluna 25.8 at Walang Kapalit 26.1;

Super Twins 26.2 vs. Maging
Sino Ka Man 26.9;

Lupin 31.9 vs. Rounin 19.8;

Jumong 26.5 vs. Pinoy Big
Brother 19.5;

Who’s Your Daddy Now 14.3
vs. Bandila 8.5.

Philippine TV Ratings 4/22 28 /2007 Nation Wide

TV RATINGS - 4/22 28 /2007 Nation Wide

From PEX

Research by Jun Jun aska26ph2001@...
Posted by kim02

NUTAM Ratings
Top 10 Programs
Week 17, 22-28 April 2007

Rank# TV Show / Network / AMR% / SHR%
1. Walang Kapalit/ABS/17.2/46.5
2. Maria FlordeLuna/ABS/16.8/46.3
3. Rounin/ABS/16.3/43.2
4. AsianTreasures/GMA/ 15.5/41.7
5. Maging Sino Ka Man/ABS/15.2/46.2
6. Super Twins/GMA/15.2/40.5
7. Lupin/15.1/GMA/43.8
8. Pedro Penduko/ABS/14.6/51.6
9. Rated K/ABS/14.4/47.2
10. TVPWorld/ABS/14.1/50.1

AMR% - Average Minute Rating over the total universe
SHR% - Share - proportion of individuals viewing the specific program
compared to the total

Dynasties... from YOUNGBLOOD of

By Eugenio Antonio E. Dig
Last updated 01:12am (Mla time) 05/08/2007

Article Ii, Section 26 of the 1987 Constitution states very clearly that "the State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law." But it does not say what it means by "political dynasty." House Bill 5925 defines it as "the concentration, consolidation or perpetuation of public office and political power by persons related to one another," which is fair enough for me.

But without an enabling law, the intent of the Constitution is not being followed. But what is the violation if there is no law yet? Who says the family of a town mayor, who happens to be the brother of a congressman and a councilor and the father of the Sangguniang Kabataan [Youth Council] president, is violating the Constitution for establishing a political dynasty? Who will argue that a mayor seeking the gubernatorial post and fielding his wife for mayor is building a political dynasty? No one, because the term has not been given a legal definition.

In the meantime, why forbid someone, who is a Filipino citizen, of legal age and able to read and write, from running for public office? What happens to "equal access to opportunity for public service" if some people are disallowed from running?

On the other hand, the presence of ruling families in some places discourages the entry of new politicians and limits the opportunity to hold public office to members of the dominant families. No one would bother to make the necessary physical, emotional, mental and financial investments during election campaigns when winning is a very remote possibility. Under the present conditions, and especially in local politics, people tend to vote for those who have become household names in their localities, have experience and, of course, the resources. The ruling families have all these.

Many officials argue that there is nothing wrong with political dynasties. In fact, they facilitate the delivery of services. For instance, a mayor would not have any problem asking for funds to set his livelihood projects from a congressman who happens to be his brother. Likewise, the mayors who supported the governor would get livelihood, health or infrastructure projects from the Office of the Governor.

But while they may facilitate the delivery of services to their own localities -- and not every town or city -- political dynasties actually monopolize the resources of local government units or, worse, the local government units (LGUs) themselves. Ruling families are not likely to give priority to a livelihood project proposed by a councilor belonging to the minority, and the end result is the chances for reelection of the councilor are greatly diminished. On the other hand, the members of the ruling families (who make it a point announce their projects with giant streamers) can easily win election further strengthening the family's political foundation.

Members of these ruling families try to justify their monopoly on power by saying it is the people who decide to keep them in power through their votes. People vote for the candidates who possess qualities that could improve the quality of the voters' lives. It's not illegal to run for public positions because members of the ruling families are qualified. It's not illegal either if they are elected since the people gave their consent to be administered by ruling families.

But what they are really saying is that they deserve to monopolize government posts because theirs is a "family of leaders." A mayor, a congressman, a governor, a councilor and an SK president, belonging to one family are not members of a political dynasty. Instead, they are the hope, the heroes and the champion of good leadership to whom the people have entrusted their own lives. Ruling families are the messiahs who are willing to face the endless problems of their localities and rescue their constituents from poverty and improve their localities by building roads, schools, hospitals, etc.

The Philippines is so blessed to have so many messiahs. We have been fortunate to have ruling families whose members have the highly desired leadership skills. All the members of the ruling families are born leaders, and that is why they dominate the political arena.

The people are truly wise to have elected the members of such heroic families. They have put the members of such families on a pedestal and elected them to different positions, convinced that candidates belonging to the same family have similar qualities. If a mayor is good, his wife or a brother must be good as well.

Unfortunately the messiahs that the Filipinos have been waiting for do not belong to these "families of leaders" which have been occupying different elective posts. What we have are simply relatives who have been bequeathed power by the mayor, the governor or the congressman. They are merely the parts of a chain of a political dynasty.

In the next election, just as in previous ones, most candidates, especially for seats in the House of Representatives, are members of political dynasties. Some of them have really contributed to their localities, but most are merely part of a chain. They will win if Filipinos agree to continue to be represented by ruling families. But if the voters say they have had enough of such families, the members of ruling families won't win.

That decision lies in the hands of the voters. And I hope that our voters will choose candidates not because they are members of family dynasties but because they have the competence and the integrity to govern their localities or represent them in Congress.

Eugenio Antonio E. Dig, 20, is a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

As We Mature

Good Morning...

it's wednesday, and its change of movie schedule in cinemas, im fed up of spiderman though i love the movie... time to watch another movie again....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Philippine TV Ratings... May 4 and 5, 2007

Narito ang overnight ratings ng mga
programa ng GMA 7 at ABS-CBN 2 noong
(Mayo 4):

SiS 9.3% vs. Homeboy 8%;

My Strange Family 13.4% vs.
Game Ka Na Ba 15.6%;

Eat Bulaga 22.9% vs.
Wowowee 20%;

Daisy Siete 18.1% vs.
Inocente De Ti 13.3%;

Muli 16% at Sinenovela
12.2% vs. Kapamilya Cinema 11.5%;

Love Truly 11.9% vs.
Pangako sa ‘Yo 6.9%;

Hana Yori Dango 18.5% vs.
Sineserye 11.9%;

24 Oras 26.3% vs. TV Patrol
World 21.4%;

Asian Treasures 30% vs.
Maria Flordeluna 22.5% at Walang Kapalit 23.8%;

Super Twins 30.8% vs.
Maging Sino Ka Man 22.8% at Rounin 18.7%;

Lupin 33.5% vs. Maalaala Mo
Kaya 18.2%;

Jumong 28.4% at Bubble Gang
15.6% vs. Pinoy Big Brother 16.3% at Bandila 9.2%.

SABADO (Mayo 5):

Takeshi’s Castle 13% vs.
Game Ka Na Ba 15%;

Eat Bulaga 23.2% vs.
Wowowee 22.5%;

Startalk 15.1% vs.
Nagmamahal Kapamilya 12.6%, Let’s Go 9.9% at Star Magic Presents 11.4%;

Wish Ko Lang 12.2% vs.
Little Big Superstar 10.9%;

Bitoy’s Funniest Video
17% vs. Komiks 20.2%;

Fantastikman 18.4% vs. John
En Shirley 22.9%;

Pinoy Pop Superstar 17.6%
vs. TV Patrol Sabado 22%;

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho
25.4% vs. XXX 25%;

Imbestigador 24.1% vs.
Pinoy Big Brother 24.6%;

Hokus Pokus 12.7% vs. Aalog
Alog 12.7%;

Sine Totoo 10.2% vs. Dela
Hoya-Mayweather Primer 5.3%.

Which is better... Friendster or Myspace?

Once Friendster invaded the social networking community online, but based on the website tracking, Myspace overtook Myspace account holders thus Myspace is considered to be the biggest online social networking?
Which do you think is better? Friendster or Myspace?

What Age Do You Act?

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Days More to Go and I'm Free

Hehehe... im only counting days for my new job hehehe...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Philippine TV Ratings May 3, 2007 Mega Manila

May 03, 2007

SIS 10.6
HB 8.7

MSF 12.5
GKNB 17.5

EB 21.7
WOW 19.9

DS 19.1
IDT 13.8

MULI 19.2
KC 9.8
SK 15.9

LT 13.3
PSY 8.8

HYD 19.3
HNM 11.7

ORAS 26.0
TVP 21.6

AT 29.6
MF 25.8

WK 27.2
ST 29.1

MSKM 26.5
LUPIN 32.0


PBB 22.5
MKM 15.9

Philippine TV Ratings May 2, 2007 Nationwide

NUTAM RAtings : May 2, 2007 : Wednesday « NEW
MAY 2, 2007 (Wednesday)
Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement - NUTAM
Official Ratings

Magandang Umaga Pilipinas ABS = 5.8
Unang Hirit GMA = 4.1
Kabuhayang Swak na Swak ABS = 5.5

Sis GMA = 11.9
Homeboy ABS = 14.4

Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba ABS = 20.5
My Strange Family GMA = 15.1

Eat Bulaga GMA = 20.5
Wowowee ABS = 25.4

Daisy Siete GMA = 17.1
Inocente de Ti ABS = 19.0

Muli GMA = 19.2
Kapamilya Cinema ABS = 20.0
Sine Novela GMA = 20.5

Pangako Sa Yo ABS = 10.2
Love Truly = 9.9

Hana Yori Dango GMA = 18.0
Sineserye Presents ABS = 22.1

24 Oras GMA = 23.8
Tv Patrol World ABS = 27.9

Asian Treasures GMA = 25.6
Maria Flordeluna ABS = 28.5

Super Twins GMA = 23.7
Walang Kapalit ABS = 31.4

Maging Sino Ka Man ABS = 30.2
Lupin GMA = 26.8

Rounin ABS = 29.7
Jumong GMA = 22.8

Nuts Entertainment = GMA = 21.9
Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 ABS = 25.5

Philippine TV Ratings April 30, 2007 Nationwide

NUTAM Ratings : April 30, 2007 : Monday « NEW
APRIL 30, 2007 (Monday)
Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement
Official Ratings

Magandang Umaga Pilipinas ABS = 6.4
Unang Hirit GMA = 4.4
Kabuhayang Swak na Swak ABS = 5.7

Sis GMA = 9.0
Homeboy ABS = 13.6

Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba ABS = 20.3
My Strange Family GMA = 13.3

Eat Bulaga GMA = 18.2
Wowowee ABS = 24.7

Daisy Siete GMA = 18.3
Inocente de Ti ABS = 21.8

Muli GMA = 17.0
Kapamilya Cinema ABS = 21.2
Sine Novela GMA = 19.8

Pangako Sa Yo ABS = 10.5
Love Truly GMA = 6.7

Hana Yori Dango GMA = 16.2
Sineserye Presents ABS = 21.9

24 Oras GMA = 22.4
Tv Patrol World ABS = 27.2

Asian Treasures GMA = 23.6
Maria Flordeluna ABS = 29.3

Super Twins GMA = 24.8
Walang Kapalit ABS = 33.5

Maging Sino Ka Man ABS = 31.1
Lupin GMA = 25.0

Rounin ABS = 28.2
Jumong GMA = 23.1

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 ABS = 25.5
Who's Your Daddy Now = 19.1

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Family....

mia4 060
Originally uploaded by arleighmac.

My mom, dad, gel, my future mrs. macapagal, and my nephew em-em at Tops Skyline

My beloved ... from YOUNGBLOOD of

My beloved
By Mary Concepcion Sison
Last updated 02:27am (Mla time) 05/05/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- As I write, my beloved sleeps soundly beside me in bed, snoring softly. I dare not move lest he wake up and see me just staring at him. I confess that this is my latest addiction: just gazing at his well-sculpted face, infinitely thankful to heaven for this gift. And that's exactly what he is, a gift, which I never really asked for but whom God gave to me at a time in my life when "the rubber met the road."

I've been in Canada for three months now. My sole purpose was to visit my mom, who was diagnosed with cancer of the brain last October 2006. She underwent radiation therapy even as dozens of kinfolk joined us in prayer as we fought the good fight of faith. Everything that happened was a "touching heaven and changing earth" experience for us. Time froze and our heartbeats were suspended as we waited for the result of her final CT scan. Did the radiation work? If not, a much more delicate brain surgery would be considered but the risks were great. My mom was 62 and she had begged not to be operated on since she had had her fill of seven operations.

But our God is good. He granted her a miracle. The oncologist after looking at the results of her latest CT scan said: "It was fabulous, Perla, absolutely nothing was seen in your brain anymore." That was the one piece of good news our family needed to be able to breathe freely again.

God is also a God of wonders. As if one miracle wasn't enough, He gave me him -- an assignment, a riddle, an answer to some of life's most troubling questions. God gave him to me at a time when I wasn't even sure I was ready for such a commitment. But the commitment resounded more like a call, a summons. And the call became a religion.

Day in and day out, he was almost always in my arms. I fed him, took care of him, and loved him as my own. In turn, he taught me how to "love completely without complete understanding."

He is my eldest sister's son, Jes. For more than a month now, I've been taking care of him. It's either her sickness, her older son's sickness or household chores that keeps her from being able to look after three-month-old Jes, though it breaks her maternal heart to ask me to serve as surrogate mother for a while.

At first, I wasn't sure if I could handle him and how I would do it. But since there was no one else around, I stayed and took up the challenge.

At age 29, I know very little about motherhood, so there was much silent resistance inside when it was first suggested. Back in the Philippines, I had psyched myself up for a battle with cancer and to rescue from its deadly snare, but I wasn't prepared for Jes. Surprisingly, however, we were able to make a good team. As I tried to learn the basics of motherhood, he somehow showed me how much of a baby I am especially with regard to my being a Christian.

When he wakes up and screams for milk earlier than his schedule (the doctor says babies shouldn't be overfed and should have an interval of two to three hour between feedings), I realize my own impatience when it comes to asking God about the things I want and that having them prematurely would really do me no good. When he keeps silent and doesn't want to be disturbed in his sleep even when he has already soiled his diaper, I think of God shaking His head in displeasure as He sees us enduring filth so we can continue to enjoy our small pleasures (and we wouldn't even cry out to Him to cleanse us). When he cries so hard for anything like milk or because of gas pain or a wet diaper (and he does it all the time), I feel so ashamed for being such a whiner, even if I know that He will always be there to pick me up.

Jes came at a time when "the rubber met the road" for me: My mother is recovering from cancer, I am jobless and homesick in Canada, and I'm 29 and almost in panic since my personal goals don't seem to be anywhere within my reach. But I believe that God used him to make me come to my senses and to tell me to let Jesus take the wheel again.

I thank God for my beloved, who continues to sleep soundly, still snoring softly. I thank God for simply teaching me the gospel according to Jes.

Mary Concepcion Sison, 29, is a graduate of the University of Philippines in Diliman with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree.

Copyright 2007 Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Pacman After The Election...Watch Out!!!!!

Pacman After The Election
pacman after the  election.jpg

Transcript, part 1: Isang Tanong, April 29, 2007 episode... thanks to

Transcript, part 1: Isang Tanong, April 29, 2007 episode

MIKE ENRIQUEZ: At ngayon ating iimbitahin na si Dr Martin Bautista para magpunta na dito sa hot seat para sagutin nya ang itatanong ng Kapuso nating si Mel Tiangco.

VTR INTERVIEW: DR BAUTISTA: Madalas po akong umiyak ’pag nakakakita ako ng malungkot at naiiyak na ako. At hindi po akong nahihiyang umiyak. Masarap din ang pakiramdam ng umiiyak paminsan minsan. Hindi naman po nakakahiyang umiyak eh.

MIKE: Sina Congressman Escudero naman at Congressman Zubiri, aanyahan ko pong pumasok sataing sound proof cubicle. Sila po ay magkakabit ng headset kung tawagin. Parang siguradong siguradong na hindi po nila na maririnig ang tanong. At hindi po rin nila maririnig ang sagot. Kaya Mel...

MEL: Salamat Mike. Ang aking isang tanong: Mas maganda po kayang gamitin ang pork barrel sa isang impact project no ng gobyerno, imbes na paghati hatian ng mga kongresista. Tulad ng nangyayari ngayon.

DR BAUTISTA: Kung maaari lamang po ngayon, kung magkakaroon po tayo ng countrywide assistance fund at mailalagay ko yung isang buong cheke sa pgh o sa up, o sa gawad kalinga, gagawin ko po yun. pero sa under the current setup hindi po natin magagawa yun. napakaraming pagkakataon upang makagawa ng katiwalian sa current setup. Sa aking palagay eh mas mahusay na tanggalin na natin itong tinatawag na pork barrel dahil nga mas nakakasama sa atin, we have to decrease the opportunities for our politicians to steal. We have to decrease the opportunities for our politicians to become dishonest. And in such a set up I don’t think it is still time for us to be able to be presented with an opportunity like this in a corrupt system and behave in a manner that will show integrity and honesty.

MEL: So ayaw nyo ng pork barrel. Dr. Bautista si Mr Pabico po, Alex ay meron din pong tanong sa inyo.

ALEX: Ano ang posisyon nyo sa panukalang batas na nais paluwagin ang pagaangkat ng mura at abot kayang gamot, gayong ang kapatid nyo ay isang abogado ng isang malaking pharmaceutical na kumpanya sa bansa na tutol sa batas na to?

DR BAUTISTA: ‘Yun pong kasing pagiimport ng gamot po halimbawa in India is not the answer to the problem. Ang pinaka-importante po kasi is we have to identify yung nga gamot na kinakailangan ng ating mga pasyente dito sa pilipinas. At sarili nating gawin sa atin halimbawa po sa high blood pressure. Ang ating inaangkat po sa ibang bayan ang tawag po ay.... Magagawa naman po natin ang hydro... dito sa Pilipinas. Ginagawa natin ito since 1950. Ang ... po sa India 40 pesos, kung gagawin po natin ang hydro.... Ang kahalagahan po nyan dito sa ating bayan ay dyes sentimos. Na ang kinakailangan po ay magkaroon po tayo ng pananampalataya sa kakayahan natin na gumawa ng sarili nating gamot. ’Wag na po tayong aasa sa import. ’Yun po ang nangyayari sa atin wala na tayo na ginagawa na produkto. Lahat pong ginagamit natin ay either ini-import natin o inuutang natin. Kinakailangan na mag-umpisa na po tayo

MEL: Marami pong salamat, Mr Bautista

DR: Salamat po

MEL: Thank you very much

MEL: At ngayon po ay nais kong tawagin si Mr Miguel Zubiri

VTR Interview: ZUBIRI: (singing) Basta tayo magkasama lalong may umaga kay ganda. Parang pinapalabas na magsama sama po tayo itigil na yung gulo, itigil na yung away

MEL: Mr Zubiri

ZUBIRI: Hello ma’am, good to see you

MEL: Ang tanong ko po ay ganito, ang aking isang tanong ay natutuon sa countrywide development fund kung tawagin ng ating mga kongresista, pork barrel naman kung tawagin ng ating mga kababayan. Sa tingin po ba ninyo ay mas magiging kapakipakinabang sa sambayan ang countrywide development fund kung ito ay gagamitin sa isang impact project, imbes na paghati-hatiin sa mga kongresista?

ZUBIRI: Lumabas na po ako sa isang debate sa Philippine Chamber of Commerce, at sinabi ko po na payag ako na walang pork barrel fund ng mga kongresista at mga senador. Kung sana ay ilagay po to 3rd, 4th, 4th, 6th class municipalities. Ito pong mga munisipyo na to na napakababa ng kanilang IRA.ito po ay kanilang mga barangay na 500 thousand pesos po a year ang kanilang IRA. 20% development fund po nila dyan ay 100 thousand. Pano po nila maaayos yung farm to market roads nila. Paano po maaayos yung kanilang water system. Marami pa po sa Visayas at Mindanao wala pa pong kuryente. Wala pa pong tubig, hindi pa po nabibigyan ng farm to market roads. Naglalakad pa yung mga tao papunta sa mga barangay. Minsan anim na oras, minsan dalawang araw. Kaya payag po ako na mawawala yan. Pero sana po madagdag yung kanilang 20 % development fund itong mga 4th, 5th, 6th class municipalities na alam po natin na hindi kaya sa kanilang mga budgets ang pagbigay ng itong mga infrastructure programs na ito. at alam nyo po dapat may transparency po dito. Dapat makita, meron po akong nagawang report card. 220 pages. Barangay to barangay projects. Nakalagay doon lahat ng litrato nang ating mga projects at magkano po yung halaga. Para makita po ng sambayang pilipino na dumerecho doon sa mga barangay at walang hati, walang sop, walang bawas at nagamit sa tama at wastong paraan. Yan ang importante pero payag po ako na wala na ang pork barrel.

MEL: Salamat po, Mr Zubiri. Si Mr Conrado de Quiros ay meron pong katanungan sa inyo. You are quoted upon saying at one point, you intend to spend much less the 120 million seal at 3 pesos per voter, as set by the Commission on Elections. And on the same paper na sa ulat ng GMA News, isa ka sa top spenders sa election campaign ayun sa research na ginawa ng Nielsen. Ang tanong ko, ’pag ikaw ay nanalo bilang senador, paano babawiin ang ganitong kalaking gastos? Or are you running just for the privilege of serving the people?

ZUBIRI: Well, yan po ang unfortunate system. Ang sistema po natin ay medyo malabo dahil kung gusto nyo pong manalong senador kailangan maging popular po kayo. Alam nyo po tama yung sinabi nyo na im top ten of the spenders pero number 10 po ako.ako po yung pinakamababa sa top 10. At lumalabas lang na 40 million ang nilabas ko para sa commercial sa ibat ibang stations. At kailangan po natin gawin yun para makilala po tayo ng tao ang aking programa at plano para sa bayan. Kung hindi ko po gagawin yan, hindi di po nila makikilala si migs zubiri. At pasok na pasok pa rin ako sa 120 million, 40 million nga lang po ang nagagastos ko so far. At talagang nakikita nyo naman na hindi po kasing dami po ang aking commercials. Katulad ng ibat iba nating mga kasamahan, sana yung sistema, kung regional na lang po yung senatorial set up. Hindi ganun kalaki ang gastos po ng isang senador na tatakbo sa region 10 katulad ko. galing po ako ng region 10 ng Mindanao. Kesa ngayon po na nationwide. Para po kami na presidential campaign na napakahirap at napakamahal.

MEL: Marami pong salamat, Mr Zubiri. Ngayon naman po ay tatawagin ko si Mr Chiz Escudero para siya naman ang umupo dyan sa kinauupuan nyo. Marami pong salamat.

VTR Interview: CHIZ: Nasa aking libro, dinner with a perfect stranger –- ito ay tungkol sa hapunan na kasama si Hesus. At maganda na matanong at makausap siya tungkol sa maraming bagay na siguro ay bumabagabag sa isip natin. So siya ang siguro gustong mabigyan ng pagkakataon na makausap.

MEL: Ang isang tanong ko po ay ganito: kayo po ba’y naaayon na tanggalin ang countrywide development fund o ang pork barrel, at ito ay ilagay na lang sa proyekto na magkakaroon ng malaking impact sa mga Pilipino.

CHIZ: Dalawang taon na akong walang pork barrel dahil nasa oposisyon ako. Bali wala na ho kung tangalin nila o hindi. Ang mahalaga lamang line item budgeting para sa lahat ng pondong infrastraktura para sa ating mga kababayan. ke tanggalin yan o hindi para sa akin transparency at accountability. Basta meron yan ke andyan o wala makakarating yan sigurado sa ating mga kababayan sa makabuluhang at kinakailangan na paraan.

MEL: May tanong po si Malou Mangahas para po sa inyo

MALOU: Namuno kang masigasig sa mga impechment complaint laban kay Pangulong Gloria at dating chief justice hilario davide. Pero halos hindi ganun kasigla o matamlay ang iyong pagtrato sa mga akusasyong katiwalian ni Pangulong Erap at ni Danding Cojuangco, kapwa political patron mo. Ang Nationalist People’s Coalition party mo, kalahati ay panig kay Pangulong Gloria. kalahati panig kay Pangulong Erap. Tunay bang opposition kayong matuturing kung pusta kayo kahit sino ang manalo?

CHIZ: Siguro naman napakita at napatunayan ko at nagawa ko na rin ang mga bagay bagay para ipakita at patunayan na ang habol namin ay hindi personal laban sa kahit sinong kandidato. Kay Pangulong Arroyo man, kay dating Pangulong Estrada o kung sino pa man. Accountability at pananagutan sa opisina ang aming pinaglalaban at sinusulong. At ito ang nais po naman sana ipakita at mapatunayan. Walang sinuman ang pwedeng magsabi at magdikta sa akin kung ano ang gagawin, kung hindi ho ako sang ayon. Kung tunay nga po silang sumusuporta at naniniwala, dapat lamang pandigan nila ang aking paninindigan. Dahil ito ang panawagan ng sambayanan.

MEL: Narinig nyo po ang sagot ng una nating ng kandidato sa ating isang tanong. Pero hindi po dyan nagtatapos mga Kapuso dahil ang susunod na katanungan na kanilang sasagutin ay manggagaling mismo sa kaniklang kapwa kandidato. Di ba Mike?

MIKE: Tama ka dyan Mel. Dahil narito po ang isang ballot box mga Kapuso. at sa loob po ng mga ballot box na to ay mga tanong na mga sumulat ay mismong mga senatoriable mga Kapuso. hindi na po tayo magpapaliguy-ligoy. At narito na po si Dr Bautista para sa unang tanong mula rito sa ballot box. Doktor...

DR. BAUTISTA: Dito po ba?

MIKE: Narito po ang unang tanong na nanggaling kay Nikki Coseteng. Dr, should OFW remittances be given better exchange rate? Di ba dapat mas maganda ang halaga ng piso sa halaga ng dolyar sa mga remittance ng mga OFW? Kasi ngayon ang rate po ng palitan ng piso sa dolyar ng ofw ay kaparehas lang ng rate ng iba pa. Doktor?

DR. BAUTISTA: Makasasama pa nga ho yun kung bibigyan natin sila ng magandang rate pero mas mahalaga po kasi kinakailangan ang priorities ng pamahalaan natin. We have to straighten it out, we have to continue to invest in education and in health. To make our overseas workers more competitive in a global economy. Ang nangyayari katulad ko po manggagamot na galing sa pgh napilitan na pumunta sa ibang bayan dahil wala naman pong kinabukasan dito sa atin. Nung pong 1989, nung pagbalik ko po dito 2006, mas lalong pa pong sumama ang ating bayan. Kinakailangan po na we have to make painful choices today. Umpisahan na po natin yun, magsama sama na po tayo to make investments in education and health care. One percent lang ang nilalagay natin in health care, 11% in education, 28% sa pagbayad ng utang natin. Interest pa lang ho ng utang yun. We have to make painful choices, we have to be together here.

MIKE: Marami pong salamat Dr Bautista. At susunod po na kukuha ng tanong po dito sa ballot box ay si kandidatong Miguel Zubiri, congressman. Ang tanong po na sasagutin nyo ay gawa po ni Atty Adrian sison ng partidong Kapatiran. Paliwanag nyo nga po ang inyong plataporma tungkol sa poverty alleviation, congressman

ZUBIRI: ’Yung poverty alleviation, alam mo galing ako sa Mindanao at nakikita po natin ang kahirapan po ng tao mga dyan, ng ating mga kababayan dyan. At isa po dyan ay kailangan ay bigyan po natin sila ng sapat na trabaho. Nakita ko na po yan sa Maguindanao nung nangyari na kung saan si Coco Paglas ng Maguindanao ay nagdala po ng napakagandang industriya ng export ng bananas sun sa kanilang mga ksaamahan kaya dahil dun ay nagkaron po ng tigil putukan sa Maguindanao at napakarami almost 11,000 jobs ang nabigyan po ni Coco Paglas dun sa area niya at yan din po ang dapat gawin natin sa iba’t-ibang areas sa ating bansa. Dapat magkakaroon po tayo ng job generation kung saan bibigyan po natin sila ng sapat na pagkakataon na buhayin muli ang kanilang pamilya at lalong umunlad ang ating bansa especially the rural areas nandun po yung biofuels, biofuels program pwede po tayong magtanim ng jatropa ng ethanol production, cassava, mais, ah tubo na gagamitin ni... meron na po tayong batas at ihahalo sa ating gasoline. These are…

MIKE: Time na po. Marami pong salamat, Congressman Zubiri. Ang susunod pong kukuha po ng tanong ay isang kapwa mambabatas ni Congressman Zubiri, kandidato sa pagkasenador, Chiz Escudero.

Ang tanong po na nakuha ninyo ay galing po kay Mike Zubiri, Kongresista. Sigurado ba kayong di kayo nag-usap?


MIKE: Ano po ang mako-contribute daw ninyo sa senado, Congressman?

CHIZ: Klaro po sa aking paglilibot, ang problema ng ating mga kababayan, apat at yan ang dapat na ikino-contribute ng sinumang tumatakbo sa pagkasenador. Una, dapat ang boses at botong dalhin ninuman sa senado ay boses at boto ng kababayan natin. Hindi boses at boto lamang ng Malacanang, ng partido mo, kamag-anak, kaibigan o kakilala. Pangalawa, dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ang pagbibigay ng trabaho sa kinaroroonan ng kababayan natin at hindi sa ibang lugar o sa ibang bansa. Pangatlo, paano ba natin mapapababa o kung hindi man, maiiwasan tumaas ang presyo ng bilihin. At panghuli, papano ba natin matitiyak na sapat ang kita o sweldo ng ating mga kababayan. Bilang senador, yang tatlong yan ang aking nanaising gawin at makamit bilang paninilbihan sa ating mga kababayan doon sa mataas na kapulungan.

MIKE: Maraming pong salamat, Congressman Escudero. Mga Kapuso, nagpapasalamat po kami sa unang tatlong kandidato natin ngayong gabi, si Doctor Martin Bautista, Si Congressman Mike Zubiri, at Congressman Chiz Escudero… Migs Zubiri, I’m sorry po, Migs Zubiri, ah mga Kapuso, ‘wag po kayong aalis diyan lang po kayo magpapatuloy ang espesyal na pagtatanghal ng GMA News and Public Affairs. Ito ang Isang Tanong, the senatorial forum.

MIKE: Ngayon naman, isang tanong mula kay Jessica Soho at kasama niyang magtatanong SINA Marites Vitug ng Newsbreak, Si Arnold Clavio at Mel Tiangco ng GMA news and Public affairs at ang sasagot ang ikalawang grupo ng mga kandidato sa pagkasenador. Si dating sundalo Philippine Military Class Academy o PMA Class of 1995. Nakilala bilang miyembro ng grupong Magdalo. Mula sa Fort Bonifacio, mapapakinggan at mapapanood niyo po si Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes. At kasama din po natin si dating senadora at TV host mula sa Genuine Opposition, si Nikki Coseteng. Labing walong taon pong naging senador at re-electionist na senator, mula naman sa Team Unity, si Senador Edgardo “Ed" Angara.

Ang una pong sasagot sa isang tanong mula sa Fort Bonifacio, si Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes the fourth. Pero bago po yan, aanyayahan ko po muna si Madam Nikki Coseteng at Senador Angara na tumayo at pumasok dito sa ating soundproof na cubicle.

VTR interview: TRILLANES: Ang hindi po alam sa akin ng maraming tao ay hindi po ako palaging seryoso, may lighter side din po ako. Mahilig po akong magluto, ang specialty ko eh caldereta, mechado, adobo.

MIKE: Sa puntong ito, ang mangunguna po sa pagtatanong walang iba kundi ang ating Kapuso na si Jessica Soho. Jessica.

JESSICA: Lieutenant Senior Grade Trillanes, Isang Tanong: Kung kayo po ay mananalo, ano ang babaguhin nyo sa kasalukuyan nating senado?

TRILLANES: Ang babaguhin ko po sa senado kung sakali po na ako ay papalarin ay itong paggawa po ng batas na sistema nila na hindi po nadadaan sa policy research dahil galing po na bilang isang policy analyst by education, ang ginagawa po sa bawat problema ay dapat po na idinadaan sa policy research para po makikita natin ang pinakamagandang solusyon sa bawat problema. That way hindi po, hindi po tayo magkakaron ng mga batas na nailalagay po sa alanganin ang taong bayan.

JESSICA SOHO: Isang Tanong naman po mula kay Arnold Clavio.

ARNOLD: Captain Trillanes, si Senator Gringo Honasan ay nagsorry sa kaniyang pangunguna sa kudeta noong Aquino administration. Ikaw ba’y sa naganap na papel mo no sa Oakwood mutiny sa naging paglabag mo sa batas noon, ikaw ba’y magso-sorry?


ARNOLD: Bakit po?

TRILLANES: Dahil ah yun pong ginawa po namin nung Oakwood ay isang obligasyon at katungkulan bilang sundalo, bilang Kristyano at bilang Pilipino. Wala pong dapat pagsisihan don at dapat po matuto po tayo lahat dun sa nangyari po na yon. At ah ilang taon po ang naganap, ang lumipas. At makikita po naman natin na wala pa rin hong pagbabago

JESSICA: Maraming salamat kay Lieutenant Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes mula sa Fort Bonifacio, at ganon din sa ating kaibigan na si Arnold Clavio. Ngayon po naman ang tatawagin natin ay ang ating senatorial candidate, Nikki Coseteng

VTR Interview: NIKKI: Hindi ako dapat mainggit sa kahit kanino, dahil yung inggit diyan nag-uumpisa yung pagnanakaw dahil mas gusto mo yung hindi mo kaya. At tandaan lagi na maraming tao na magkakaroon ng mas maraming bagay kaysa sayo.

JESSICA: Madam Coseteng, isang tanong lang po. Kung kayo po ay mananalo, ano po ang babaguhin niyo sa ating kasalukuyang senado?

NIKKI: Ahm, ang gusto po nating mangyari ay yung senado maging independyente. Na hindi po lamang kumikiling dun sa kagustuhan ng administrasyon at hindi rin yung simple lamang na nago-oppose no. Tagahawak lamang at maging balakid lamang sa kaunlaran. Ang gusto natin magkaron din ng sapat na kaalaman ang taong bayan sa pamamagitan namin na hindi lamang legislation kundi pati advocacy kasama. Ahm, yung sinasabi nating pagbabago siguro dapat ding makita na ang pamahalaan ay dapat meron nang kontribusyon dun sa paghahalal ng senado sa kampanya. Na ang gobyerno ay dapat na may nakalaang salapi nang sa gayon hindi kaniya-kaniyang ahm labas ng pera dahil sa nakita natin napakamahal masyado ng eleksyon na halos napakahirap kung hindi nyo babawiin yung inyong ginastos kaya naging isang advocacy natin yan na kailangan ahm bagamat we’re allowed to spend hundreds of millions hindi necessarily na gagawin mo yon dahil pinapayagan kayo ng batas no? So this is one of the things that the senate, the candidates for senators siguro kailangan meron ding general fund o merong equal na nanggagaling sa pamahalaan nang sa ganon hindi kailangan na napakalaki ng ginagastos ng indibidwal no. Ang isa pang bagay na yan, ang isa pang bagay ay kailangan yung mga issues na aming tinatalakay ay ma…

JESSICA: Isang tanong naman po mula kay Maritess Vitug ng Newsbreak, Marites.

MARITES: Magandang gabi ho. Mabilis ang paglaki ng ating populasyon. Mga 88 million na ngayon mula nang 77 million sa year 2000 at nawawala na ang mga libreng contraceptives na ibinibigay ng US AID next year. Ipaglalaban nyo ho ba na magbigay ang Department of Health ng line budget para sa mga contraceptives dahil natural family planning lamang ang ini-endorso ng Arroyo administration?

NIKKI: Napatunayan po na ang natural family planning ay isang bagay na hindi talaga natural para sa tao. At ah, kung tutuusin po natin yung laki ng populasyon, nandon ang nagbibigay ng napakatinding ahm mga iba pang problema sa lipunan at sa kapaligiran. At yung naniniwala na magmula sa murang edad pa lamang sa elementary hanggang high school dapat magkaroon ng sapat na kaalaman tungkol sa ating katawan, tungkol sa sex education. Hindi kailangan itong maging negatibo dahil ngayon ang mga bata nage-eksperimento dahil wala silang pinagkukunan ng impormasyon. Yung sinasabi nyong contraceptives, safe and modern methods of contraception, must be made available dahil ang estado ay may karapatan at may responsibilidad na pangalagaan ang ah kaayusan ng pamumuhay dito sa ating bansa. Yun responsible parenthood, pino-promote po yan pero kasama dyan dapat alam din ng mga magulang kung anong mga operatiba na ligtas…

JESSICA: Marami pong salamat kay Madam Nikki Coseteng. Tawagin naman natin mula sa ating sound proof booth si Senator Ed Angara.

VTR Interview: ANGARA: Si President Manuel L. Quezon, sapagkat ang sabi nga nyan nung siya’y nabubuhay at siya’y pangulo ng Pilipinas mas gusto raw niya na ang Pilipinas ay pinapalakad ng mga Pilipino kahit na palakad ay parang hell kaysa sa isang Pilipinas na ang nagpapatakbo ay mga Amerikano.

JESSICA: Senator Angara, isang tanong lang po. Medyo matagal-tagal na rin ho kayong senador at by now you fairly have a good idea what’s wrong and what’s right with the Senate. So ang tanong ko po sa inyo: kung kayo po ay mananalo muli ano po ang sa palagay nyo eh dapat baguhin sa kasalukuyan nating senado?
ANGARA: Unang-una yung committee work. Ang buhay ng isang legislative body ay nasa trabaho ng mga committee at kung mga committee chairman ay hindi marunong mag-preside, hindi marunong magpalakad ng agenda, wala ring papasok sa plenary kaya wala ring output ang plenary. Isa yan, number one yan. Pangalawa, kailangan piliin natin ang kung sino ang mamumuno ng senado, kung sino ang majority leader, si majority leader ang nagde-decide ng kung anong ah tatalakayin at yung minority leaders sapagkat kung yung minority leader ay very narrow-minded at walang broad view of public affairs mabagal din ang trabaho ng senado. So directly, committee chairman, the three top heads of the Senate kailangang nakakaintindi ng pagpapalakad ng senado at aware of the critical public, public policy issues

JESSICA: Isang tanong naman po mula kay Mel Tiangco.

MEL: Ang akin pong tanong sa inyo Mr. Angara ay natutuon sa political dynasty sapagkat kapansin-pansin po talaga na napakarami nang mgakakamag-anak ano ha, at kung hindi ako nagkakamali meron din kayong kapatid at anak na parehong nasa pulitika. Ito po ba ay nakabubuti o nakasasama sa kalakaran ng pulitika sa ating bansa?

ANGARA: Siguro po dun sa Aurora, applied to Aurora Province, maliit po lang kaming probinsya, yung kapatid ko po na babae siya ang gobernadora. At yung anak kong lalaki ang siyang kinatawan. Siguro po isang ah, isang signal na katanggap-tanggap ang kanilang panunungkulan wala silang kalaban ngayon, at yun po ang anak ko naman ay graduate ng UP, graduate ng London School of Economics at graduate ng Harvard. At yung aking kapatid na babae ay number two salutatorian sa UP College of Law. Kaya mataas po ang kanilang kwalipikasyon at siguro makikita ng aming mga kababayan sa Aurora na sila ay katanggap-tanggap at dapat wag mahinto ang mga proyekto na ginagawa nila. But in general po, palagay ko ay walang masama sa inter-relationship sa pulitika kung ang mga mae-elect na kinatawan ng pamilya ay may ginagawa at may kakayahan. Ang masama ho kahit walang….

JESSICA: Marami pong salamat Senator Ed Angara, Mike.

MIKE: Maraming salamat Jessica, at sa puntong ito mga Kapuso, sasagot pa rin po sa isang tanong ang mga kandidato natin sa grupong ito. Ang uunahin po natin ay si Lieutenant Trillanes, sapagkat siya po ay nasa Fort Bonifacio, ang kukuha po ng tanong mula dito sa ballot box ang atin pong aanyayahan dito ang kaniyang abogado na si Atty. Sonny Rivera na kasama po natin ngayong gabi sa Isang Tanong ang senatorial forum po ng GMA News and Public Affairs. Attorney, pakibunot lang po o kuha yung tanong na sasagutin ni Lieutenant Trillanes. Salamat po attorney. Ang tanong na sasagutin ni Lieutenant Trillanes ay tanong po ni Ginoong Ruben Enciso. At narito po ang tanong.

Ano ang balak na gawin ninyo para mapaunlad ang Pilipinas, Lieutenant Trillanes?

TRILLANES: Ang gagawin ko po upang umunlad po ang Pilipinas ay tatanggalin po ang korupsyon sa gobyerno dahil po sa ngayon marami pong nawawala sa kaban ng bayan na aabot po siguro ng 400 billion pesos. Kung maibabalik po natin ito sa kaban ng bayan, marami pong proyekto ang magagawa nito. Baka pag ah mailulunsad po natin industrialization, rural development, agriculturalmodernization, poverty alleviation programs, mass housing, infrastructure projects and so on and so forth. Pero lahat po yan ay naka, ay ang, all of these things are contingent to the removal of GMA dahil hindi po talaga tayo uunlad at uusad habang nakaupo po si GMA.

MIKE: Ang susunod pong kukuha ng tanong sa ating ballot box ay walang iba kundi si Madam at dating senadora Nikki Coseteng.

Ang tanong na sasagutin po ni Madam Nikki coseteng ay tanong mula kay chiz escudero. Papano nyo po babawasan ang buwis ng mahihirap para madagdagan ang tinatawag na spending capacity mam?

NIKKI: alam po natin na yung evat na pinaiiral ngayon ay isang pantay pantay na buwis na binabayaran ng mahirap at mayaman. Hindi po makatarungan jan ay pwedeng baguhin ang batas para mawala po yan. Yung pinaplano nilang batas para sa text messaging, padagdag na naman ng mahirap yan dahil ang magkakaganito nig mga ganitong uri ng direct tax ay yung mahihirap. At alam natin na mas tanggap. Mas makatarungan yung tax according to income kesa yung consumption. Maari sa ibang bansa ay pwede dahil lahat sila ay may trabaho. Lahat sila ay kumikita ng sapat. Eh dito sila sa atin, hindi ganun. Kaya hindi po makatarungan ang batas kung hindi pantay pantay dahil ang ating lipunan siyento porsyento lang ang nasa taas, at karamihan yung nobenta porsyento ay nasa baba

MIKE: Maraming pong salamat madam at senatoriable Nikki Coseteng. At ang susunod naman po na kukuha ng tanong sa ballot box at sasagot ay si senador Edgardo Angara. Senador. Ang inyo pong napiling tanong o nakuhang tanong ay galing po kay senatoriable noynoy aquino. At ito po ang tanong nya. Pwede daw po kayong mag comment. Can you comment on the state of democracy in the country today, senador?

ANGARA: Struggling po. hindi po matatawag na demokrasya sapagkat nakikita po natin dito lang sa halimbawa ng election. Ang election po natin ay palagay ko ay hindi patas. Maraming lugar na hindi nating maaasahan na magiging malinis ang election. Ang pagpili po ng kandidato ay palagay ko ay hindi demokratiko. At marami po tayong dapat.... Ang mga independent institution ang nagpapalakas sa demokrasya katulad ng media. Katulad ng NGO, ng civil society. Hindi pa po sila malakas. At kaya yan po ang dahilan kaya ang ating demokrasya ay already the oldest democracy in asia ay hindi pa rin stable at democratic.

MIKE: Marami pong salamat senador Angara. Sa pagpapatuloy ng isang tanong, the senatorial forum. Dito lang sa GMA. Wag po kayong aalis mga Kapuso!

Teaser (susunod…)

VITUG: Ah impressive po ang biodata nyo. Kaya lang ho mukhang maraming mahirap na paniwalian. Nung 18 years old, personal aid kayo ng Russian ambassador na naka destino sa America. Habang kayo ay nagaaral sa Philippine Christian University sa manila. Pano ho naman nangyari yun?

MIKE: Mga Kapuso ang susunod po nating mga kandidato ay ang anak ng bayaning si Ninoy at anak ng dating Pangulong Aquino. Siyam na taong kinatawan ng lalawigan ng Tarlac. Si Ginoong Benigno Noynoy Aquino III. May kasama po tayong isang negosyante. Mula sa Philippine Green Republican Party si Ginoong Felix Cantal. Meron din po tayong isang negosyante at musikero. Dati din pong mamahayag si Ginoong Bobby Enciso. At ang una pong uupo sa ating hot seat si Congressman Noynoy Aquino muna.

VTR Interview: NOYNOY: si Nelson Mandela ang gusto kong makausap. 27 years kinulong, pag-alis ang daming pang-aapi ang inabot nya. Pero pagkatapos nun, puro kabaitan at kabutihan ang lumalabas sa kanyang bunganga. Pati doon sa mga nag-aapi sa kanya...

ARNOLD: Ginoong Aquino ito po ang aming tanong: Naging makulimlim po ang Pilipinas ng lumutang ang ‘Hello, Garci.’ Sakali kayo ho ay manalo, dapat ho bang ipagpatuloy ang imbestigasyon o dapat ho kalimutan na natin yan?

NOYNOY: Dapat ho imbestigahan natin tuloy yan. Yung buong issue nun ng wire tapping. Kasi yung batas sa kasuluyan po ay yung 1950’s pa po. Outdated na po yung technology na yung binabanggit jan. at saka yung batas na honored more in the bridges that in the observants. Parati bina-violate kesa sinusunod. Kailangan na dagdagan ng penalties sa ho dyan.

ARNOLD: At sa ngayon po ay tatawagin ko po yung partner kong si Vicky Morales. Meron po syang tanong. Vicky?

VICKY: Good evening po Ginoong Aquino,

NOYNOY: Good evening

VICKY: kung saka sakali pong manalo po kayo ano po ang dapat nyong gawin sa pork barrel nyo?
NOYNOY: Yung sa pork barrel ko, mae ensure natin, isa sa advocacy ko ang yung line item budgeting. Sa line item budgeting masisigurado nating may equity sa pilipinas. Pwede ng kalimutan ang pork barrel. Pero katulad noong kanina sa kongreso. Meron ng priority projects, impact projects, mega projects. Kadalasan po sa amin sa tarlac sa isang SONA ng pangulong arroyo nabangit yung subic tarlac road. Alam mo yung subic tarlac road. Pero baka naman fraud ho yun. Basta sigurado bawat lugar merong hong sufficient share. At tayo naman ay handa na pong ipamigay yung mga pork barrel

ARNOLD: Ok maraming salamat po Ginoong Aquino. Tawagin naman natin ngayon si Ginoong Felix Cantal ng Philippine Green Republican Party

VTR Interview: CANTAL: Dati isa akong loner. Although lumalabas ako sa entablado as comedian. Pero mas lalo akong ma-drama

ARNOLD: ito po yung tanong na tinanong namin kay Congressman Noynoy Aquino. Yung Hello Garci controversy po natin sakaling palarin po kayo sa senado kailangan po natin pag patuloy ang imbestigasyon o kalimutan na lang po natin yun.

CANTAL: Siguro sa akin sa panahong ito kung pagtutuunan natin ng pansin, kung magiging culprit noon. Syempre wala naman tayong mapapala, hindi natin maano sa bayan. So gamitin na lang natin ang ating sentido kumon kung makikita natin sa magiging kaganapan ng taumbayan. At tanggapin na lang natin, wala na yun. natapos na yun. sana wag ng mangyari kung meron man ganun. Kung meron man dayaan. Ok.

ARNOLD: Mmeron pong dagdag na tanong si Marites Vitug po.

MARITES: Ah impressive po ang biodata nyo. Kaya lang ho mukhang maraming mahirap na paniwalian. Pinanganak kayo 1949. pero nung 14 years old tatlo na ho ang trabaho nyo. Myembro ng manila police, announcer at advertising editor ng manila bulletin. Tapos ho nung 18 years old kayo personal aid kayo ng Russian ambassador na naka destino sa America. Habang kayo ay nag-aaral sa Philippine christianu university sa manila. Pano ho naman nangyari yun? Nasa America kayo at nasa Pilipinas kayo? Paki explika po

CANTAL: Totoo po yan. Nung ako po ay nasa kwan, nung ako ay nasa manila bulletin ako po ay naipakilalang general… na Russian ambassador. So naging ano po ako ng Russian ambassador. Sya po ang naging daan para po ay makapunta ng united nations. Nung po ang aking mga kaganapan doon sa Uunited Nations dito naman ako namirmihan pag meron mahalaga sa aking assignment ako ay nabalik din sa Boston sa New York. Yun po ang nangyayari kaya yun po ang pagkaka doble nung ako ay nasa manila police. Kasama din po ng aking ... Dahil halos magkasabay po kami. nagtinda po ako ng kaldero sa Quiapo. Doon po ako na recruit na artista. Tapos napasok din ako sa police. Tapos doon din po ako naging announcer. kaya nahati hati

ARNOLD: Maraming salamat po Ginoong Cantal. Samantala tatawagin na po natin si Ginoong Ruben Enciso ng KBL.

VTR Interview: ENCISO: Kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon na ipalit ang buhay ko at bakit. Palagay ko ay ipagpapalit ko sa asawa ko. At dahil mahal na mahal ko po sya

ARNOLD: Ang tanong po namin, isang tanong po namin sa inyo Ginoong Enciso: ‘Yung Hello Garci na kontrobersiya. Pag kayo ho ba ay nanalong senador, ipagpapatuloy nyo pa ba yung imbestigasyon o tatapusin na natin, kalimutan na natin yan?

ENCISO: I think dapat hong ipatuloy dahil meron po tayong tinatawag na due process so bigyan po natin siya ng pagkakataon na mai-prove nya sa ating madlang tao na siya po ay hindi guilty.

ARNOLD: Okay, may dagdag pong tanong ang ating kasama sa GMA News and Public Affairs si Miss Jessica Soho.

JESSICA: Ginoong Enciso, mabigat po itong laban sa senado ang dami hong kandidato ang iboboto lang hong kailangan eh dose lang ho, ah didiretsuhin ko na ho kayo ano ho? Sa palagay nyo ho ba ay may tsansa kayong manalo?

ENCISO: Napakalaki po ng tsansa na manalo ang KBL pagkat ang KBL po ay mayrong built-in na voters na ten million po. Meron po akong kasama na merong six million at pitong guardians at meron po kaming kasama sa Muslim na two millions na mga Muslims sa MILF po, so malaki po ang tsansa naming manalo

ARNOLD: Maraming salamat po kay Ginoong Aquino, Cantal at Enciso. Narinig nyo po yung kanilang opinyon ukol sa issue ng Hello Garci at pano naman kaya nila sasaguting ang mga katanungan na galing mismo sa kanila pong mga kapwa kandidato, Mike.

MIKE: Maraming salamat, Igan. Eto na po yung sinasabi ni Arnold na sasagutin po ng ating tatlong kandidato sa grupong ito. Ang mga tanong na galing sa kapwa nila kandidato na kanila pong kukunin dito sa ballot box. Ang mangunguna pong kukuha ng tanong ay si senatoriable at kasalukuyang Kongresistang Noynoy Aquino.

MIKE: Ang tanong po na inyong nakuha ay galing po kay Alan Cayetano

Are you in favor of the… kayo daw po ay pabor ba sa pagpapatayo ng mga karagdagang mga Casino ng PAGCOR?

NOYNOY: Hindi tayo sang-ayong sa pagdagdag nung casino. Alam mo nagkaron na ng mungkahi na may planong sinasabi sa Tarlac, sa Tarlac naman po’y katabi lang Angeles kung saan kasunod ay may dalawa nang Casino. Sa po ganon din ang sitwasyon. Ang punto ho nung casino, kung may mga turista sa isang lugar sila magpondo nung ating mga social development projects wala ho tayong tutol. Tayong mga Pilipino natuturuan nating palakihin nang palakihin yung culture of gambling. Hindi po ata tayo makakasangayon dyan. At yung mga lugar tulad namin sa tarlac, tulad po sa cainta at sa iba pang lugar, wala naman pong talagang turista; wag naman sanang pasukan ng Casino.

MIKE: Ang susunod po na kukuha po ng tanong dito sa ballot box at sasagot ay si Ginoong ah “Pek" Cantal, Mr. Cantal.

Ang sagot po, o ang tanong po na nakuha ninyo ay galing po kay Edgardo J. Angara.

Define at least tatlong characteristics a voter should look for in a candidate for senator?

CANTAL: Okay siguro ang personalidad ng isang kandidato nang sabi nga dun sa mismong kaniyang pagkatao at saka sa kaniyang pagsasalita merong ah temang makatotohanan tsaka alam nya yung kaniyang sinasabi, alam nya yung kaniyang paninindigan. Pangalawa, isa pa yung kaniyang pananaw, yung kaniyang karanasan na talagang tugma naman don sa pangangailangan. Ang pangatlo po, higit sa lahat, yun pong kaniyang plataporma de gobyerno na talagang malinaw at saka katanggap-tanggap naman sa ating bayan o sa ating mga mamamayan.

MIKE: Marami pong salamat, Mr. Cantal. At ang susunod po na kukuha ng tanong at sasagot ay si Ginoong Bobby Enciso. Ang inyo pong tanong na nakuha ay galing kay Doctor Martin Bautista.

How will you make medication, o ibig sabihin siguro nito medicine, how will you make medicine more affordable?

CANTAL: Marami pong bagay na dapat pong gawin pagdating po sa pagpapababa ng presyo.Meron po tayong mga tinatawag na Generics ano po? At ah, ito po ay dapat nating ipa…we should implement yun pong pagbili ng mga Generics pagkat ito po ay pareho din naman po ang epekto nitong mga gamot na ito kaya lamang po ito ay hindi mga branded. So sa akin po dapat po talagang mabigyan ng pagkakataon o tutukan natin ang mga Generic Medicine so that maging affordable po ito sa ating mga kababayan.

ARNOLD: Marami pong salamat sa inyong pagsagot sa isang tanong na nanngaling poo sa inyong kapwa senatoriable. Marami pong salamat, Noynoy Aquino, Peck Cantal, Bobby Enciso. Mga Kapuso, magpapatuloy po ang isang tanong, the senatorial forum dito lang po sa GMA diyan lang po kayo.

Malou: ...pagpatayo ng water-catchment para sa water shortage, mukhang trabaho po ito ng executive agency. Di po kaya kayo hindi pa handa o naliligaw ng pwestong tinatakbuhan? - GMANews.TV
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