Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worldwide Box Office Records

Narito ang update sa WORLDWIDE (domestic + international) box office grosses ng 'recent' releases ng Hollywood:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, $1065.3M as of December 20, 2006;

The Da Vinci Code, $753.1M as of August 27;

Ice Age: The Meltdown, $656.5M as of July 20;

Casino Royale, $587.9M as of February 11;

Night at the Museum, $523.5M as of March 4;

X-Men: The Last Stand, $456.4M as of January 1;

Cars, $455.6M as of October 19;

Mission: Impossible III, $395.8M as of September 3;

Superman Returns, $390.1M as of November 2;

Happy Feet, $366.0M as of February 25;

Over the Hedge, $330.0M as of November 5;

The Devil Wears Prada, $310.7M as of december 3;

The Pursuit of Happyness, $287.1M as of March 4;

The Departed, $280.1M as of February 25;

Borat, $254.1M as of March 4;

Eragon, $240.0M as of January 28;

Click, $233.5M as of January 31;

The Holiday, $190.8M as of March 4;

Open Season, $183.3M as of January 7;

Flushed Away, $175.2M as of February 7;

Déjà Vu, $166.6M as of February 11;

Miami Vice, $163.6M as of November 26;

World Trade Center, $158.7M as of November 19;

Ghost Rider, $155.5M as of March 4;

Saw III, $155.2 as of February 18;

Blood Diamond, $151.2M as of March 4;

Rocky Balboa, $141.0M as of March 4;

Dreamgirls, $139.3M as of March 4;

Charlotte's Web, $137.4M as of March 4;

You, Me and Dupree, $129.3M as of December 3;

The Prestige, $101.5M as of January 28;

Babel, $96.8M as of February 11;

Little Miss Sunshine, $94.2M as of February 15.

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