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TV RATINGS - ABS CBN 2/GMA 7 Nation Wide Part 1

TV RATINGS - ABS CBN 2/GMA 7 Nation Wide Part 1

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from abs cbn t.v. ratings thread c/o seichi_gw7:

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Good news, mga Kapamilya! ABS-CBN maintains its overwhelming dominance
in national urban

ratings (aka nationwide ratings) as shown in the second batch of
national ratings (for

2007) produced by AGBNielsen NUTAM Panel for January 7-13, 2007... as
featured in today's

edition of BusinessWorld, Feb 12, 2007, Section S3 (Wealth Manager
section), page 3

Top 10 Programs, in terms of individuals, 2:00am - 1:59am(the next
day) (or in military

time, 0200-2559)

National Urban Philippines
Current Rank/ Previous weeks's rank/ Program/ rating/ share

1/na/Sana Maulit Muli/19.5/56.0
2/2/Super Inggo/17.8/47.6
4/1/KDOND 4M Edition/17.0/45.1
5/4/Maging Sino Ka Man/15.6/53.4
6/7/Captain Barbell/15.5/40.6
7/9/John En Shirley/15.2/44.8
8/11/Maalaala Mo Kaya/15.0/54.4
10/8/TV Patrol/13.9/45.7



1/na/Sana Maulit Muli/16.8/49.3
2/1/Captain Barbell/16.7/45.3
3/3/Super Inggo/14.8/40.9
4/2/KDOND 4M Edition/14.2/38.9
5/6/24 Oras/14.0/46.5
7/7/Maging Sino Ka Man/13.5/46.9
8/15/Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho/12.9/41.0
10/17/Maalaala Mo Kaya/12.5/47.2

Visayas (take note: wlang bakekang dito, no wonder insecure si
Sunshine Dizonkay Matt


2/3Super Inggo/27.9/69.8
3/na/Sana Maulit Muli/27.3/74.5
4/1/KDOND 4M Edition/26.5/67.5
5/6/John En Shirley/25.2/67.9
7/9/Maalaala Mo Kaya/22.1/75.3
8/8/ Tv Patrol/21.6/65.1
9/5/Maging Sino Ka Man/21.6/71.5
10/13/Goin Bulilit/18.8/60.9


1/2/Komiks/33.8/74.6 --> amazing!!!
2/9/John En Shirley/29.1/69.2
3/na/Sana Maulit Muli/28.9/75.5
4/3/Super Inggo/25.3/60.2
5/1/KDOND 4M Edition/24.4/55.5
6/7/TV Patrol/24.1/62.8
7/5/Maging Sino Ka Man/23.0/73.2
8/6/Maalaala Mo Kaya/23.0/72.3
10/13/TV Patrol Sabado/21.9/64.7

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