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TV RATINGS - ABS CBN 2/GMA 7 Nation Wide Part 3

TV RATINGS - ABS CBN 2/GMA 7 Nation Wide Part 3

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from abs cbn t.v. ratings thread c/o seichi_gw7:

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Take note: the ratings here are in terms of individuals... the ratings
that are shown by

GMA in its press releases are in terms of households...

Overall ratings were not posted in the feature. However, we can know
who is really leading

by these figures:

National Urban Philippines: 9 ABS-CBN/ 1 GMA
Luzon: 6 ABS-CBN/ 4 GMA
Metro Manila: 6 ABS-CBN/ 4 GMA
Visayas: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Metro Cebu: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Iloilo: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Mindanao: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA
Metro Davao: 10 ABS-CBN/ 0 GMA

We can conclude that ABS is weak in the suburbs but is strong in Metro
Manila and in

non-Mega Manila provinces and is incredibly strong in other parts of
the country...

Nationwide ratings are very important now due to the elections...
Senatorial candidates

have to tap ABS-CBN's dominance in the nationwide viewership.

i'm sure the ABS higher-ups already know this... please for heaven's
sake... have ur

affiliated press people to let this good news known to the masses...
it's as if majority of

people read BusinessWorld...

Good Day!

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