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Diamonds before me
By Rayah Dizon-Maniago
Last updated 01:45am (Mla time) 02/13/2007

I envy people who can forget the arguments and pains of a relationship by just looking at their engagement ring. They say that looking at the ring seems to make the world stop and sends musical notes floating in the air.

It is not so me! I cannot stare at a diamond and suddenly be transformed into a blissful mood. If there is an issue to address, we need to talk it over. When I am not in the mood, I would not think twice before throwing a diamond ring into the river, I swear.

It all boils down to the fact that although I appreciate gems, I am not really a jewelry person. I didn't develop strong guilt feelings when I lost most of the gems I got from Mom. For me, pieces of jewelry just seem to pop like bubbles in the air.

An engagement ring is not an exception. It is a big responsibility, a burden to keep that teeny-weeny thing. When we got engaged, Jim and I had a big argument over whether he should get me an engagement ring.

I want to be free of any jewelry, especially when I am doing yoga or swimming. And why not give me a car when it has the same monetary value anyway? To me, anything bigger than a minute stone, like a good book or DVD, is better.

I cannot see the point of wearing an engagement ring. If it is supposed to announce to everyone that the big day is coming, why should the woman alone be carrying that momentous message on her ring finger while the man remains free as a bird?

If the ring is supposed to be a gift, I would much rather have a nice painting. If it is supposed to be a reminder of his love, I would rather that we spend special time and do things together; it is safer to keep those moments in my memory than on my ring finger. If it is supposed to signify commitment, then let the blessed matrimonial ring be the symbol.

People assign values to things. What is precious to one may not be worth much to the rest of the world. Not all women love diamonds.

I love Jim dearly. As we prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day as husband and wife, he has been telling me half-seriously that he would buy a piece of jewelry for me to keep. No, please!

Rayah Dizon-Maniago, 27, is taking up her Ph.D. at Aichi Shukutoku University in Japan.

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