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TV RATINGS - Break Time

TV RATINGS - Break Time

What's up, duck?

By Conrado Banal III

IT'S a real-life soap opera, featuring the word war between the
country's top television

networks, GMA Network Inc. and ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., something
to do with "cheating"

by ABS-CBN in the ratings.

Adding drama to what is turning out to be an ugly fight, is another
letter sent by GMA

Network to ad agencies, refuting the claims of ABS-CBN regarding its
surprise upsurge in the

number of its viewers in the cable homes.

Now, the reality in advertising is that the industry has changed. It
is not as lucrative as

it used to be. The budget for media ads, for instance, is being
slashed continually because

clients are going more and more for "below- the-line" promotions.

In other words, the network war over ratings is precisely a fight for
control of the biggest

slice of what may be left of the advertising pie in the future.

Earlier, GMA Network sent letters to various ad agencies, saying it
had lost confidence in

the AGB-Nielsen survey of television home viewers.

ABS-CBN basically narrowed the big lead of GMA Network in non-cable
ratings, due to a big

jump in its cable ratings.

To answer GMA Network's out-and-out accusation, ABS-CBN wrote the ad
agencies that its good

performance in the AGB-Nielsen survey had something to do with a
"technical problem."

ABS-CBN said its low-band frequency (Channel 2), which was the lowest
band among the free TV

stations, caused broadcast "noise," which is less of a problem in
cable. This should explain

why it had a higher rating in cable than in non-cable.

But then, GMA Network claimed it had hired technical experts who said
that what ABS-CBN was

saying was, basically, "baloney."

In cable, for instance, ABS-CBN moved from Channel 6 to Channel 8 in
2003. So how come, if

the claim of ABS-CBN about technical problems was true, its cable
ratings even went down

from 13.3 percent in 2001 to 11.3 percent two years later in 2005?

As for ABS-CBN's claim that its higher cable ratings resulted from
"content improvement,"

GMA-7 wondered why the ABS-CBN ratings claim took place only in cable,
while its non-cable

ratings continued to decline.

Next in the series, surely, will be the answer of ABS-CBN. I'm just
not sure if the guys in

the advertising industry have had enough of this soap


TERRENCE said...

I think may sense naman talaga ang claim ng ABS na malabo kasi ang reception nila because of lower band frequency (Channel 2) kaya obviously their viewers opt to convert their TV into Cable platform.. In our house our TV can't receive the frequency of Channel 2, Only Channel 7 and higher frequency channels..Because of this, we subscribed to SKYCABLE for us to watch some quality programs of ABS-CBN and other cable channels.. Maybe majority of Kapamilya especially the loyal ones are doing the same... GMA7 viewers obviously will not subscribe to cable kasi maganda naman ang reception nila.. We just have to think LOGICALLY and not to believe the retraction of GMA-7, obviously it's really a propaganda (airing this on tv and radio?? hahaha...), only fools believe their claims and retraction..

luke said...

ABS-CBN files a case vs AB-Nielsen Phils for "tampered ratings"


In an official statement released by ABS-CBN, the network admitted that they have been approached by someone who confessed that his services was hired in locating and bribing metered households to change the programs that they are watching. The informant who stepped up is only one of many others who were commissioned to do the same thing in an area in Bacolod.

In getting data on the viewing practice of households, there are meters installed in particular and selected households across the Philippines. The identities of these metered households are then heavily guarded in order to shield them from entities that could influence their viewing habits.

"This ensures that the ratings that come from these homes reflect their true behavior," said the network's statement.

ABS-CBNAfter finding out about the tampering, the network forwarded the concern to the research agency's attention.

"Even as we continue to lead nationwide, we asked them to stop the release of erroneous data, check their panel nationwide, and resume release only when they can guarantee the integrity of the data," the statement said.

The network stated that the agency refused to comply with their demand, which led them to file the case "for damages and injunction, with an application for a temporary restraining order."

Vivian Tin, head of the network's research department, stressed that they got into contract with AGB-Nielsen Media Research Philippines to provide them with the right information, not breached. Tin added that there is no saying that the tampering activity took place only in Bacolod.

"They cannot say that the tampering is only happening to one area," Tin said. "They cannot release data that they cannot assure are untainted."

Speaking on behalf of the TV network, Tin said that they decided to bring the matter to the public in the name of truth.

Ano masasabi nyo sa pagsasampa ng kaso ng ABS-CBN laban sa AGB-Nielsen?Share us sa Kapamilya tambayan.

Send us your feedback @

Anonymous said...

personal experience ko panget talaga ang reception ng ABS pag ordinary antenna lang ang gamit mo compare to GMA7 kahit indoor antenna malinaw. clearly explains why on the free TV ABS has low adience share. comment ko lang sa parehong estasyon magagaling silang magadvertise ng sari-sarili nila...bahala na ang madla kung sino ang maloloko.

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