Monday, October 30, 2006

The Korina Show(down) from abs-cbn forum

The Korina Show(down)

By Victor Agustin
Last updated 05:17pm (Mla time) 10/19/2006

Published on Page B3 of the October 18, 2006 issue of the Philippine
Daily Inquirer

THINGS are much worse between Korina Sanchez and ABS-CBN
Broadcasting news chief Maria Ressa than reported here Friday.

But an ABS-CBN official, who asked not to be identified, immediately
disputed the "professional animosity" angle that had been leaked to

"Let us just say there are always apprehensions whenever changes are
introduced," the official said.

According to the grapevine, a show-cause memo was actually issued to
the popular newscaster/talk-show host by Ressa's office and that
Korina has until this Wednesday to submit her answer.

Adherence to certain editorial guidelines, part of the sweeping
changes introduced by Ressa since she came on board in January 2005,
is being tipped as the cause of the latest tempest to hit the
newsroom of the country's biggest broadcast network.

A former CNN correspondent, Ressa is chief of the "Tres Marias," the
editorial nickname for the triumvirate of all-female, foreign-
trained news executives that had been brought in by ABS-CBN CEO
Eugenio Lopez III to bring the network's journalism up to Western

The first sweep of such changes last year caused the resignation of
more than 30 news and current affairs staffers; the latest move is
apparently designed to ensure that the network's news stars toe the
same line as that of the rank-and-file's.

According to the grapevine, Korina is taking Ressa's memo so
seriously that she has even sought outside legal advice -- Korina's
stable of lawyers in the past included ACCRA, the law firm that
publisher/columnist Maximo Soliven also sends an SOS to for his own
entanglements -- to help prepare her reply.

Still, the official ABS-CBN line is that the latest editorial flare-
up would be, and is now being, amicably resolved.

"I am happy to note that, after intensive consultations among the
concerned parties, we are now seeing the light at the end of the
tunnel," the ABS-CBN official said.



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