Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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m broke, i dnt knw wat hapend 2 me, im penniless, hehehe, d company jst had d launchng of its missi0n and vision, we hd a gud dner ryt aftr dat and went home. D sky is drizzling and it feels cold, jst called up my ex jst ds m0rning and im hapi dat were quite ok wd each other, i got n0 txtmates today, n0body is bothering my m0bile, i and my sis jst shared little penny to survive, i miss d gud tyms i had. My dad jst loaded up my odr f0n jst 4 me to txt dm, wat a day! My workplace is stl a mess, people around easily annoys me, im quite irritated to smaller thngs, oh man, i need a relief, i wana be solitary bt i cnt escape dos swarming me, anyways wdout dm, i cnt call it a day yet 4 me. D photo u see above was tken frm a m0bile f0n of my friend, im quite fascinatd wd it and i like it, i like how it capturd my gud looks, hehehe, i hav gud looks i cud say dat. By d way, drs a gud trafic wen i was riding a jeepney. Gud evening to evryone. Ei dr guys, leave a n0te dat u read my site.

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