Thursday, September 14, 2006

as i entered the airport on my departure for manila, all i thought that security measures are on the highest level being observed but to my dismay it did not meet my own criteria or maybe i just got a higher level of safety measures in my head based on the news i heard everyday on radios, tv newscast and the likes.

two of us were sent to manila for our quarterly meeting. i woke up at around 5am to fix myself and prepare all my things to catch up with my 830am flight. i made it sure to come early to avoid long queues on the security check to every passenger

our bags passess through the strictest security check-up, x-ray scanner, manual inspection and it came unnoticed to security officers the toothpaste carried by my boss in his handcarried bag. as we checked -in our flight, the lady ask my boss if their is any liquid present in his bag and my boss just answered he got toothpaste and the lady replied he cant have with him the toothpaste coz it is classified as prohibited substances to be carried along with his handcarried luggage and not even pursuing to get the toothpaste out of the bag of my boss... it is clear now that security officers of the airport are not the one forgetting their job but the airline employee themselves. i dont know if the lady was just starstrucked with my boss, all i know shes was not doing her job to help ensure passengers will have a safe trip on their destination.

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